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    Default Your suggestions and what I bought for cologne.

    Roosevelt Field Monday and searched for many colognes you guys all mentioned.

    Could NOT find ANY Creed line at all, kept telling me that Saks 5th Ave. has it in Huntington here on the island, also No Carolina Herrera all stores in the mall! lol

    I tell ya I tried: Hugh Parsons- yellow, 99 regent st., Romance silver man, Platinum Egoiste, Gendarme 20, Gendarme green, and Corduroy. Like I said PO'ed cause I couldn't try Creed and Herrera's stuff from 2002 to recent! Did not like any of these mentioned.

    However! lol I loved Traditional Blue- Hugh Parsons and Yves saint Laurent LHomme!

    2 good purchases IMHO. The women really like L'Homme and Traditional is exclusive which I like...smells nice. I think IMHO these are 2 classy colognes.

    They gave me some samples as well and nothing out of the ordinary except for ESSENTIALS by Lacoste and GEIR by Geir Ness. DIDN"T like Geir at first at Nordie's BUT it smells good now and I cant wait to wear it this week! Geir won me over..I do sense a bit of Le male in Geir but a lower less strong power. Geir smells nice!

    Today I sprayed the Lacoste scent and will see how it I smell HUGO by Hugo Boss when I smell A newer version of Hugo! Not bad. Hugo's lasting power is much much better though.

    So a happy day thanks to you all! I now have L'Homme, and Traditional and Hugo.

    CORDUROY is A.W.F.U.L. IMHO!!! Oh man!!!!! lol I smelled a dentists office meets baby diapers smell. It is definately unique but do not like it at all!

    Awesome...BASENOTES is Backkkkkkkk !

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    Default Re: Your suggestions and what I bought for cologne.

    I suggests traveling into the city. I don't know Long Island that well but I do know that I've seen these things you are looking for all over the city, and outside the city (where I am from). It is worth it for a day trip. Get samples and more samples to take home, even if you don't test them all just to get a feel of the line.

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