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    Default Fragrances for my mom

    I would like to hear your suggestions for my mom. I need a present for her and I will surely use the other suggestions in the future I prefer mainstream, niches are hard to get here.

    She likes stronger perfumes and prefers more complicated ones, that means no soliflores and no weak average florals and fruities (the only soliflore she liked was Pur Désir de Pivoine by YR). She doesn't like gourmand fragrances, too much vanilla or too much sugar. No pure orientals like Samsara or Opium. Too much white flowers give her a headache, also the freshies with pepper like Lancome Pour Femme. The fragrance shouldn't be heavy on incense (I let her sniff my Anais Anais and she resented it, also Aigner's Black and Black Cashmere didn't win her heart).

    What does she like? Her number one is Coco EdT, she likes 24, Faubourg, in another words, elegant ladylike harmonies of chypre, floral and oriental notes. A fragrance leaning too much to the chypre or oriental side would be wrong. Another favorite, Red Door by Elizabeth Arden. Another one, Blue Grass by EA, and from her reactions to Arpege or Chanel 5 I'd say she likes aldehydes, but only a bit to spice up the perfume, the Arpege and No. 5 were too much for her. Another favorite, Eden by Cacharel, and another from completely different area, DKNY Women.

    Other fragrances she knows and likes: Champs-Elysées, Gaultier2, Caléche by Hermes, Noa Perlé, Love in Paris, Miracle So Magic.
    And dislikes: Dune (way too sweet), Fracas (too heady), L'Air du Temps (weak and nothing interesting, she says), Miss Dior (too much chypre), Allure (too much oriental), Chance, Insolence, Green Tea by EA etc. etc.

    I see I produced a long post, but I know some of you love the suggestion game

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    Default Re: Fragrances for my mom

    I think the JPG Gaultier smells absolutely fantastic on her.

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    Default Re: Fragrances for my mom

    how about L 'Instant de Guerlain?
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    Default Re: Fragrances for my mom

    Your Mom sounds like a woman after my own heart!! Knows what she likes and what she doesn't like - keeps it real simple!! :bounce:

    I will offer up my usual suggestions - take her out for a birthday lunch/tea, and then to the nearest well stocked perfume counter and let her pick out her own. Have no idea what'a available in the Czech Republic (if that's where you are as indicated by your flag of choice) but there are a couple of "mass market" juices I love and would recommend - Lauder's Youth Dew - and Dana's Tabu.

    Please let us know how it all comes out!!
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