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    Default introducing myself

    dear community members,

    i´d like to take the chance to introduce myself.

    my name is tom and i am from bonn, germany.

    perfume has been my hobby since i was about 16 ( i am 39 now).

    all the years using perfume i always had this urge to find a scent that fits my needs but is not owned by almost everyone. i disliked hearing: oh, you´re wearing XXX, i got that one too".

    fortnunately we have this exclusive perfumery in bonn where they - in my former opinion - only had those old-fashioned grandma and granddad perfumes.

    creed, penhaligons, montale, different company, annick goutal, diptyque, bond no.9, ...., never heard of those brands before.....

    nevertheless i stumbled in and had a trie of some of these scents, still hoping to find something special.

    since then, not a single day passed, where i did not go there and sit and smell.

    it really took some time to get used to the different smell of these perfumes, often made of rare essentials instead of synthetics.

    by now though i got rid of all my industrial scents through e-bay and i am really excited about this new world of perfume.

    i really like this community and i hope that you all will teach me, how to distinguish between a good perfume and mere products for the masses.

    please be patient with my english, since i am german. i will try my best.


    tom from bonn (germany)
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    Default Re: introducing myself

    I would like to welcome you Tom AKA kiddo. You will certainly learn a lot here. I happen to be a German major at a university right now. I know how difficult it can be to learn a new way to communicate. Many members here are from places that do not speak English as a first language so you will find nothing but patience from these people.

    Although it is disturbing to hear when people own the scents you really enjoy, it doesn't mean that they are not good. I often look for something a little less popular so it is more personal to me but I still have a bunch that are wildly popular. I guess that distinction is made at your discretion. Who knows though, you might find something interesting in those fragrance lines that you mentioned.

    Anyway, I'm happy to welcome you and hope you find exactly what you are looking for.

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: introducing myself


    What new scents have you most recently smelled, that you like?

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    Default Re: introducing myself

    Quote Originally Posted by kiddo View Post
    please be patient with my english, since i am german. i will try my best.


    tom from bonn (germany)
    Willkommen! The english spoken here is an interesting mixture of at least 300 languages of the world, dont't worry: everybody is patient, what makes us impatient is underrating our beloved gems

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    Default Re: introducing myself

    Although it is disturbing to hear when people own the scents you really enjoy, it doesn't mean that they are not good.
    of course you are right, but for me perfume is luxury and it is expensive. and if i spent so much money on a scent i want it to be at least somehow unique.

    i remember the times when about every man i knew would smell like "lagerfeld" or "relax". these were the beginnings of me getting into perfume and i really liked "relax" a lot.
    but anywhere i went, almost everybody would wear it, so it was nothing special anymore.

    What new scents have you most recently smelled, that you like?
    i just bought eau de hadrien (annick goutal) today. it was a spontaneus buy. i stumbled upon it an since i am a fan of citrus i just bought it after having it on my skin for about two hours.
    besides that i have been ogling with sel de vetivier by different company for about two weeks.

    i had it on my skin about 10 times and by now i love it, although i found it disgusting at first....

    how about u?

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    Default Re: introducing myself

    You make a good point. I have spent far too much on a small, pretty bottle of alcohol/oils that smell good. I would enjoy having scents that really suit me but are also only worn by me. I have found a few that I have never smelled on a single person. They are the ones that are more expensive and harder to find. I love the little secrets I learn here!

    My secret house is L'Artisan. I don't know if your have smelled, or even heard of their stuff but it is amazing. I own 4 full bottles and have never smelled them on a single person. My favorites are: Tea for Two, Mechant Loup, Ambre Extreme, Dzing!, Safran Troublant, Patchouli Patch, and Mure et Must Extreme.

    It is really hard to find something that you will never smell on another person but this house has done it so far for me. They are worth the higher prices in terms of how unique and original they are. Plus, they smell damn good!! I'm kinda answering your question to MikePerez23 but I'm sure he'll answer too and you'll get even more ideas.

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    Smile Re: introducing myself

    My secret house is L'Artisan.
    i like L´Artisan very much too.

    therefore i ordered one bottle of "Ananas Fizz" after having tested it on my skin.
    i love it!
    unfortunately this scent did not even last 5 minutes and the body and the base i could smell while using the sample just was not there within the bottle i purchased.

    i had already heard L´Artisan scents dont last very long, but this was close to kidding me.

    i sent the bottle back for investigation.

    i was going to buy mandarine tout simplement too, since i am into citrus and fruity scents. but after this dissapointment and after hearing that this scent is supposed to be as short lasting as my ananas fizz i will try to get a sample first and see how it works on me.

    besides, i bought a bottle of eau de hadrien by A. Goutal last night and i am overwhelmed.

    this is definitely the best citrus scent i have ever smelled.

    I like omsmanthus from DC and Mediterraneo from Charthusia but Eau de Hadrien is definitely my pick for this summer!

    i also bought la nuits de hadrien today, since it very similar and has a little bit more warmth and depth in its base, so i could wear it for going out at night.

    yours, tom

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    Default Re: introducing myself

    I wore Nuits d'Hadrien a LOT last summer, and am looking forward to bringing it out this summer as well. I also wear the original Eau d'Hadrien and Eau du Sud

    Welcome to Basenotes!

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    Default Re: introducing myself

    I also wear the original Eau d'Hadrien and Eau du Sud
    i am not sure yet about eau de sud.

    i´ve tried it couple of times on a paper-card but not on my skin yet.

    i disliked it on my first try, but the more often i try it, the better i like it.

    this could be the beginning of a long friendship, since some of my scents i really prefer right now, started out as total stranger to me.....

    same with mandragore AND with "sel de vetivier" by DC and "lily of the valley" by penhaligons. i am not sure about these yet, but something always lets me grab at them......

    strange, really strange, isn´t it?????
    @ Arhianrad

    man, YOUR wardrobe is just HUGE!!!!!!!!!!
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