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    Default M7 or dare I say...HMMM7?

    Ok, so this past Easter I went a little crazy and bought a few scents at Santee Alley in LA and elsewhere, among them:

    Richard James Savile Row
    Hugh Parsons Blue
    Paco Rabanne
    Paco Rabanne XS
    Creed REL
    YSL M7
    YSL Live Jazz
    YSL Kouros
    YSL Body Kouros
    YSL Kouros Fraicheur
    and some others that I may have forgotten.

    Blind buy. The most anticipated...M7. The vaunted, basenotes hallowed, all powerful M7. I savored the moment, tenderly opened the package, and proudly displayed the bottle to all like simba in the lion king. The first Did I buy the wrong bottle? Agarwood blahwood, it is whisperly, sweet, like...graham crackers and spicy rum? I want to sue someone. I'll be looking to offload this bottle if things don't improve.

    Paco Rabanne
    Blind buy. Dark green, musky. Irish Spring meets Scent Intense. Simple, basic, fundamental, I must have more of this.

    Paco Rabanne XS
    Blind buy. Poor man's himalaya? Maybe a poor man IN Himalaya. Reminds me of Eternity and other 80/90's type scents; too mainstream for me.

    Richard James SR
    Blind buy. Pleasant, familiar yet somehow very unique. I swear, everytime I smell this on a hourly basis, it smells different, constantly evolving. Longevity is insane, easily 10+ hours. The soap makes me gooey on the inside. Some say its for cold weather and formal events, I don't get that, its all season, all versatile. Has my full recommendation.

    YSL Kouros
    Blind buy. Urinal cakes? What the ^%(*^#$@# is a urinal cake?? On 2nd thought, I don't want to know. Personally...does it smell like urine? Yes. Does it make me want to puke? Yes. Does it make the women go insane? Yes. If I were to take a random survey of men and asked them if they could smell like urine but get attention from all kinds of women, would they still smell like urine? Enough said.

    Hugh Parsons Blue
    I sampled this at Nordstroms and it intrigued me, if only because its really hard to find. The opening is common, aquatic and fresh, but the drydown...hard to describe. I'm not too good with the note descriptions. Better than Gendarme? Nopes. But I still dig it.

    More news at 11.

    So maybe I was a little hasty with my assessment of M7....

    So maybe I was a little hasty with my M7 assessment...

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    "Why not seize the pleasure at once?"
    -- Jane Austen (Sun, and Mercury in Sagittarius)

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