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    Default Smashbox Foundation Primer

    Any fans of the product, here? I've used up one bottle already and am currently contemplating on another - in a nutshell, I think it makes my skin feel fabulously soft and buttery after application, but doesn't have much long-term weight. My skin for the most part is fairly healthy, so it only tones up my complexion a little without working miracles. But it does so much blend beautifully with my foundation.

    The thing is, I got the primer for about $30 USD... and it's $45 CAD, NOT including the massive 14.5% tax you have to add in Vancouver. Advice would be great. Really, it's not expensive, but I wonder at times if it's worth it for a product I like but often find somewhat useless.
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    Default Re: Smashbox Foundation Primer

    My favourite primer ever!!!!

    I have used Laura Mericer and Nars before but Smashbox beats them all.

    Can I ask how much are you using?

    One pump should be enough for your face. I know it feels lovely but you don't need alot really.

    Which one do you use?

    The new SPF15 or the normal one?

    OK I actually buy mine on Ebay, or if QVC have a TSV or kit with it included even better.

    The Lorac one is sort of similar but more water based, not sure of the price of it?

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    Default Re: Smashbox Foundation Primer

    Ooh, I usually use 2-3 pumps for my face... but then again, I have a really big face with huge cheeks! One pump only covers my cheeks... and then I have yet to do my forehead/nose/chin. Or is that being too wasteful?

    I used... the old one, I think? But since you seconded my good opinion of the product, perhaps I *will* go and grab myself a bottle. The QVC/TSV/kids sound like a good idea too, so I'll check those out!
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    Default Re: Smashbox Foundation Primer

    WOW unless your face is twice normal size one pump.
    How thickly are you applying?

    Should only be very thin layer and mainly on the T Zone.

    I do one pump rub my fingers together and just wipe over my face.

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    Default Re: Smashbox Foundation Primer

    Yeah, you only need a little bit. Rub it between your fingers and gently pat on over your entire face.

    I LOOOOVE Smashbox primer. I got 2 samples from Sephora, and now i'm dying to get a full bottle. They also have a tinted bronzer primer, and I think I might have to get that. It feels fabulously luxe on your skin.

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    Default Re: Smashbox Foundation Primer

    Not THAT thickly... but I'll be more careful with my next bottle for sure. Thanks for the advice!

    It's a really great product, isn't it? The bronze primer sounds intruiging, too - particularly for summer~!
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    Default Re: Smashbox Foundation Primer

    I got the Bronzing Primer and I would not recommend it.

    I use one pump, and I like to spread it beneath my eyes to help fill in the tiny lines there. You CANNOT do that with the bronzing primer, it makes the skin under your eyes look hideously dark.

    I think that my skin is way too fair to use the bronzing. I should swap it on MUA for a bottle of the regular primer. I've already opened the box so I don't feel right about sending it back to Sephora for store credit.

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    Default Re: Smashbox Foundation Primer

    I really enjoyed this product for a while
    then switched back to MAC

    Now for the past few weeks,
    I've opted to go without a primer.
    Not sure if it's just the weather,
    but I think they were making
    my skin drier.

    I'll probably go back to it soon.
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    Default Re: Smashbox Foundation Primer

    I just stopped by Clarins, and the attendant's daughter works for Smashbox. Her daughter uses Clarins.

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    Default Re: Smashbox Foundation Primer

    I just bought the fairly new version, the one with Dermaxyl. I love it. I love the texture and the smoothness of my skin after I put it on. Also, it is SPF 15, so I often wear it without foundation.

    I notice they have three other "color correcting" versions now as well, there is a greenish one to correct redness, and I forget what the other ones were.

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    Default Re: Smashbox Foundation Primer

    There is a apricot one to brightness.
    A oil free version in a air tight pump.
    And a new one with a luminizter in the middle, which blends when you pump it out.

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    Default Re: Smashbox Foundation Primer

    My favorite is the Smashbox Photo Finish - Clear!

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