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    Default Question about Creed SMW

    Hi all,

    I have a question when it comes to Creed SMW - When i have been wearing it for around an hour the smell seems to irritate my throat, similar to being exposed to a strong paint smell. Have any of you experienced this before? Feel like it is a petty since i really love the smell of it.


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    Default Re: Question about Creed SMW

    Lately i have been overspraying most of fragrances that i wear in an attempt to garner greater longevity & increased sillage. I have had some success with it but because of the way i spray my frags ( a spray on the neck and a few sprays right in the middle of my chest), i have started to 'taste' my fragrances.

    There appears to me some sort of irritation in my throat and every time i feel it i vow not to overspray but the next morning its the same old story.

    I presume that your sillage coming from Creed SMW may be the cause of this irritation. Try to reduce the number of sprays you put on and see if the irritation disappears.


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    Default Re: Question about Creed SMW

    I have had the feeling of being able to 'taste' one fragrance - Pi Fraiche, even with only a couple of sprays. I had to brush my teeth and scrape my tongue for hours to get rid of it!! Can't stand the stuff so I'm not really bothered, but I know what you mean.

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    Default Re: Question about Creed SMW

    oddly enough, something very similar happened to me every now and again with SMW. At first all the time, so much so that I was afraid to wear it! Not exactly a desirable occurence in a pricey buy. I always thought it was some particular ingredient in the blend which caught me just so.
    I will say, however, that after a while this doesn't happen any longer; maybe built up antibodies against such things? Who knows.

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    Default Re: Question about Creed SMW

    This might happen if you get a perfume cloud in your mouth (it can happen with any perfume - that "taste" you get). It would be best to spray less and away from the mouth.

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    Default Re: Question about Creed SMW

    Yes, the "senses" of taste and smell (along with the trigeminal nerve impulses) all tend to converge/coalesce at the insula.

    Therefore, you may want to spray on a lower part of your body.
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    Default Re: Question about Creed SMW

    Never in the throat but definately my sinuses are killing me! lol I've tried out a cologne per day and only a dab on both sides of the neck and both undersides of my arms.

    I stopped doing the whole spraying on the clothes thing because a great long lasting cologne ACTUALLY stays on my shirts after the wash! That cologne was L'Eau Dissey,,,every damn After a good washing it would stay in my cotton shirts so when you wore another cologne you would have remnants of the last one.

    Now I stay just on the skin only.

    That throat irritation definately sounds like over spraying and something that would be too close to the mouth area?

    I do believe if it's potent enough you might have to take a break for like a day or 2 and let the irritation subside.
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    Cool Re: Question about Creed SMW

    Thanks guys for all the replies. Will try to keep the spraying on the lower part of the body, only do one spray though.

    Have another question and that is if any one of you have experienced the same thing with Creed Green Irish Tweed since i was thinking of increasing my Creed collection. Seems like I am stuck on the more "natural" smell then the synthetic ones.


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    Default Re: Question about Creed SMW

    That's weird - I get that effect to some extent with most colognes, but Silver Mountain Water is an exception, it never irritates me. Neither do any Creeds, or Hermes.
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