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    Thumbs up My Sales Associate/Buyer/Friend-Althe

    Well I have to share with you my frag-love affair with Althe. I have know this lady for years and have watched her grow from SA to a buyer now. When we first met it was an immediate connection-hey we both love fragrances. Of course one knows that you blossom best when you are in your element-doing what you were created to do. She was in her element. When I would walk into her previous employment and she was not busy we would talk and share and she would ask what's happening in the world of mens frags. It would just amaze me that some of the frags I would mention she had no knowledge or insight in-Basenotes helped a lot....LOL. Of course as our frag relationship grew-when I did purchase-she would load me up with samples, decants, gifts..the works..that was so cool. When I surprised her and gave her Fragrances of the world 2006 by Michael Edwards-the look on her face was so rewarding and enjoying. She loved it, so of course I gave her the 2007 edition, (again a surprise) she grabbed onto it like it was her baby....Lol

    A better offer comes along...............and she took it...

    She now works, manages and purchases at a newly renovated, brightly lit, sensational fragrance oasis. Her staff are very knowledgable, kind and customer service gurus. It is a joy just to step foot into the place. The other day she called me and asked my advice on a certain smellie she was considering bringing in and I gave her my personal imput-I thought WOW..she's calling me...that's amazing.

    I am extremely blessed to have this lady in my life and cherish our relationship...Of course I am buddy buddy with other frag reps but her and's special.

    Tell any of you have a special relationship or even a relationship with a Sales Rep, buyer..etc?

    I would be very interested to know.

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    Default Re: My Sales Associate/Buyer/Friend-Althe

    Wonderful story Otto.

    I just started forming a 'friendly' relationship with certain SA's (Neimans in particular), and just the few times we've spoken and spent conversing about fragrance have been very rewarding.

    She was amazed at my sense of detecting notes and us giggling together at horrible notes we both found in very expensive snobby perfumes - like two little kids. So fun. As well, she loaded me up with about 10 Creed samples and hand decanted some Estee Lauder for me...very generous.

    She seemed to quietly adore most mens fragrances (I don't think she wore any of them though, she admired them from afar) and I think she was taken a little by surprise at how I proudly wanted to try (and spray on my skin) so many 'women's' scents. Some of the stuffy SA's at Neimans were staring at us...we didn't care.

    I think after our conversation she lowered her 'gender' boundaries toward fragrances just a little. Which was kind of neat to have contributed to.

    It's nice to share a passion with someone else, not just thru the internet (like here at BN) but in person. It is much more validating. Thanks for reminding me of that.

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    Default Re: My Sales Associate/Buyer/Friend-Althe

    This is a great story! I have a similar story: I've been forming friendly relationships with the vendor reps at the local Macy's.

    One of the ones I know the most is the Thierry Mugler rep. She's always so kind and likes talking about their new launches with me. And of course, she smells like Angel.

    The P&G reps are also great here, as are the Ralph Lauren/Giorgio Armani reps.

    But I'm saving the best one for last... the Beaute Prestige International (Jean Paul Gaultier/Issey Miyake) rep is top-notch here. She knows me very well, along with my parents (since she also works in the X-ray dept. at the same hospital where my dad works). She's a real sweetheart, and when she talks to me, we always get along well. The last time she talked to my mom, she said that she was real excited about the impending arrival of a new scent (read: Fleur du Male).
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