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    Default Carolina Herrera 212 Men SPLASH

    No,SPLASH is just the name of this limited edition for summer 2007.
    It is listed on ebay and the bottle seems legitimate (as sure as someone can be).Is there anybody who has already sampled this one?
    By the way, 212 Sexy Men was at least memorable among other new fragrances I tried lately.Sexy indeed...
    It's never too late to mend.


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    Default Re: Carolina Herrera 212 Men SPLASH

    yeah,. the only diference is the name, because is the same fragance formula than the others versions " h2O and on ice" ...both share the same smell in diferent colors and packing, is a nice citrus-herbal base with a little touch of 212... great longevity.

    anyway is a shame that C. H couldnt change some notes in the formula.. would be more attractive ...
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