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    Default Alternative decant websites

    This is a thread to establish all the alternative websites for purchasing decants.
    I am starting by listing my own website:

    I have a huge, huge collection of very rare fragrances along with the modern stuff and will be offering very competative prices.
    Because my website is linked to a an ebay shop I will be listing EMPTY 5ml, 10ml, and 15ml bottles for sale. Of course the price of the empty bottle will include the price of the decanted perfume,( inclusive.) This is based on trust and and gets around the decanting issue. As a long time basenotes member I would never risk my reputation so all basenoters can monitor and police my operations, and ultimately post negative feedback if they are not satisfied with my products or service.
    The bottles will be listed with different prices. You MUST contact me through my private e-mail address, NOT through ebay, telling me which perfume you are looking for and the amount you require. I will then quote you a price and if you are interested you must buy
    the appropriately priced `empty´, (but not really empty bottle).
    I will be compiling a list of all the perfumes on offer which will be ready in about a week and I can send to you on request as a private e-mail.
    My e-mail address is listed on my website.The phone number has changed.
    My new number is 0049 (0) 30 88 71 94 94

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    Default Re: Alternative decant websites

    Nice one mate. Great looking website!!

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    Default Re: Alternative decant websites



    I'll be email'n ya.

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