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    Default Must de Cartier vs Moschino Moschino

    I read in a review that Must de Cartier is similar to Moschino by Moschino. As I've recently become acquainted with the charms of Moschino, but not yet had a chance to sample Must de Cartier, I'm curious to know how they compare. If you've tried both, please enlighten me!

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    Default Re: Must de Cartier vs Moschino Moschino

    Would like to know the answer too!
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    Default Re: Must de Cartier vs Moschino Moschino

    I would not say they are really similar, but they are definitely of the same olfactoric family - vanillic ambery oriental. I prefer Must, it is more animalic and classy, Moschino is a little too sweet for my taste.

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    Default Re: Must de Cartier vs Moschino Moschino

    Moschino original is a schizo perfume like Shalimar - bright juicy citrus woods upfront followed by complex florals and ending in sexy sultry ambery incense vanilla base.

    I always think of Moschino Classic as the love child of Guerlain Shalimar and Must de Cartier. Moschino shares Shalimar's structure and development, but is closer to Must de Cartier's mood and scent. Where Must de Cartier featured florals are warm, dry and woody, Moschino has a sweeter, lushly feminine, spicy floral heart. The 'piece de resistance' of Moschino is the very longlasting, dangerously seductive, sensual ambery vanilla musk base.

    Those who think FM Musc Ravageur is the pinnacle of sexy, ambery oriental musk scents should prepare for complete surrender and try this. Musc Ravageur is still in training compared to the seductive power of Moschino Classic. A very sexy, sophisticated scent.

    Although these are all labelled as Ambery Orientals, they are all distinctly unique and individual in mood and expression. I happen to own and adore them all.

    (Moschino Couture! is a sweet mandarin, pepper, poppy and cedarwood perfume which is actually very stylish. Nice but not really a scratch on the original.)

    Guerlain Shalimar
    Top: Bergamot oil, Lemon, Mandarin, Rosewood
    Heart: Patchouli, Rose, Jasmin, Orris, Vetiver, Heliotrope
    Base: Opoponax, Vanilla, Civet, Benzoin Siam, (Leather), Peru Balsam, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood

    Must de Cartier
    Top: Galbanum, Neroli, Bergamot oil, Mandarin, Lemon, Peach, Rosewood
    Heart: Rose, Jasmin (hedione), Leather, Carnation, Orchid, Orris, Ylang-Ylang
    Base: Amber, Benzoin Siam, Civet, Moss, Musk, Opoponax, Sandal, Vanilla, Vetiver

    Moschino by Moschino
    Top: Bergamot oil, Lemon, Galbanum, Marigold, Rosewood, Freesia, Honeysuckle, Plum
    Heart: Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Gardenia, Carnation, Nutmeg, Pepper
    Base: Amber, Benzoin, Civet, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tonka, Vanilla, Musk
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    Default Re: Must de Cartier vs Moschino Moschino

    Fascinating parallels and all of them make sense! Thanks tons, Moondeva!
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    Default Re: Must de Cartier vs Moschino Moschino

    Thanks for the very interesting info Moondeva!

    Just wanted to add this interesting tidbit: This morning a colleague asked me 'What perfume are you wearing? Coco?' I told her it was Moschino and she said 'It smells a lot like Coco. Its very sweet isn't it?'
    Well I don't have a clue if she meant this as a compliment or not, but I'm just thrilled that someone finally mentioned my perfume!! Anyone agree with the Coco comparison? I haven't tried it but I'm off to test it right after I finish work today!

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