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    Default Lasting power of L'Eau De L'Artisan?

    I think I've found my ideal 'green garden' spring/summer scent and that would be L'Eau De L'Artisan. However, due to the fact that star ratings still are not functional... I don't know if it would actually be worth it to purchase. I can't tell how long it would last on my skin from this sample I have, so I hoping someone can comment on its longetivity? If it's not that great (less than 4 hours) then what are some alternatives? I've searched for a grassy, garden smell for some time and while this isn't perfect, its the closest I've had. Only thing I would change for this would be less lemon, is there something like that out there?

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    Default Re: Lasting power of L'Eau De L'Artisan?

    A few 'grassy' frags out there, but IMO nothing compares to LEdA. I love it.

    I am using up my small decant of it slowly, hoping to make it last thru the warm weather season.

    It lasts even shorter on me, perhaps only 3 hours or less - but I have found that is what happens with almost ALL of the L'Artisans.

    I have to literally drench myself in it, to get it to last long (10-15 sprays)
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    Default Re: Lasting power of L'Eau De L'Artisan?

    One of my all time favorites as well and one fragrance I think I'll never be without. On me it lasts quite long and can still smell it onmy skin several hours after application. It doesn't really make a statement, but it is the fragrance I go to when nothing else seem to fit. It makes my heart sing for sure!

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    Default Re: Lasting power of L'Eau De L'Artisan?

    It's only good for two or three hours on me.I only own it because I got it very cheap.

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    Default Re: Lasting power of L'Eau De L'Artisan?

    It lasts about 3 hours on me. It might be not the most groundbreaking fragrance L Artisan has ever made but who cares. Its a very nice spring/summer eau with its citrus/green/mint-combination of notes. Although I dont consider it a masterpiece, I reach for it quiet often....
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    Default Re: Lasting power of L'Eau De L'Artisan?

    Of the cologne-style fragrances, it's the best in terms of longevity on me. It's also a very refreshing fragrance; I really like it.
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    Default Re: Lasting power of L'Eau De L'Artisan?

    Quote Originally Posted by Borky View Post
    Only thing I would change for this would be less lemon, is there something like that out there?
    Of all the scents I know this one is the closest to it, and yes, without any lemon.

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    Default Re: Lasting power of L'Eau De L'Artisan?

    I'm right there with your "ideal" impression as this is one of my very favorites for warm weather. This is one of just a small handful of fragrances I would not be without, and also one of the small number I am not afraid to apply a bit more generously. Even without that treatment, however, I find the longevity is reasonable. And after the "overt" phase I find that it dries down to a wonderful and very long-lasting (overnight) skin scent that I have referred to as a "parched savanna" smell. Actually, though, I've never been to a parched savanna, and what it really reminds me of are summer vacations I spent in the Idaho panhandle amid tinder-dry grass, underbrush and ponderosa pines.
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