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    Default First spontaneous compliment in seemingly forever!

    I have commented before on other threads that I literally get no comments at all on my scents from persons other than my wife...and our two toddlers, who I have mysteriously infected with my love of scent! That is really fun and oftentimes very cute, but that is another story.

    So, I'm pretty sure that I do not wear scent to get noticed or receive comments, rather I wear it for myself (and wife and toddlers). In addition, I strictly wear my SOTD beneath my clothes and in moderate amounts, generally keeping it very close to my body. However, this past Wednesday I was at a professional meeting in Bethesda with folks gathered around a large conference table. A female friend and colleague of mine, sitting to my left, leaned over to speak to me early in the morning. After speaking to me she leaned back into her Aeron-like chair, turned directly to face me, looked at me and simply said "Jeff, you smell great!"

    The earth shook, I swear! This was about 8:20am EDT. Did any of the rest of you feel this? LOL! I said "well, thank you", and that was pretty much it. She didn't ask what I was wearing, and I didn't volunteer it. But, for the record, it was Clive Christian's X for Men, applied about 90 minutes earlier from a 2ml sample vial.

    Though I'm recounting this story here and now, it hasn't really been on my mind in the interim. However, the experience was certainly an outlier in my usual range of daily scent-related experiences, and I'm thinking that someone might possibly find the story interesting for a variety of reasons. I'm in San Francisco presently, with Saks Fifth Avenue just around the corner and Clive Christian sitting on the shelves! The prices are outrageous, but I've stated before how much I like X for Men and it has served as my avatar since the new forum software was instituted. Perhaps this story will continue...
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    Default Re: First spontaneous compliment in seemingly forever!

    I just love when someone gives me a fragrance compliment. It is so funny when I see certain women who know me but don't see all the time-they come quickly to me and say "What are your wearing today." They take this huge whiff....LOLOLOL. I just love it.

    I have gotten a few colleagues semi-hooked on colognes-from what they smelled on me. When I have my give aways they get all excited like children on Christmas morning....



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    Default Re: First spontaneous compliment in seemingly forever!

    It's a lot of fun when that happens. I haven't been complimented in a while because, like you, I only wear under my clothes and I apply moderately.

    X is my favourite of the Clive Christian fragrances I've tried.

    What are your children's favourites? In my experience, kids have an acute natural sense for what smells good/quality when they're exposed to enough fragrances.

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    Default Re: First spontaneous compliment in seemingly forever!

    I tend to be conservative with my fragrance wearing as well. I just spray on my chest under my clothes. It always shocks me when I receive a compliment lol. The last compliment I got was on my birthday, I was wearing Dior Homme--it was at the delicious drydown. A lady was leaning very close, and she suddenly looked up at me and said "wow, you smell REALLY good!" I manage a smile and a surprised "why, thank you!" Then she pulled her friends to me, and they also said "wow, you DO smell good!" Those were actually my first compliments with Dior Homme, as I tend to under spray and keep it on me as a second skin. But I agree with you, when you don't wear scents for others and only yourself, it's quite shocking when you receive a compliment! It often leaves my mind going blank while I just try and say thanks!!

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    Default Re: First spontaneous compliment in seemingly forever!

    Score one for the X factor !

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    Default Re: First spontaneous compliment in seemingly forever!

    After going crazy during Easter with spending, X is my last purchase for awhile...I've wanted it the moment I sampled it. You just cannot go wrong with it.

    "Why not seize the pleasure at once?"
    -- Jane Austen (Sun, and Mercury in Sagittarius)

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