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    Default Smokey Article ..!..!..

    This article provides a short descriptive overview of various incense laden fragrances - its an interesting read if you are into incense :

    Fragrances mentioned include:

    The CdG incense series
    Creed Angelique Encens
    L'Artisan Passage d'EnFer
    Must de Cartier
    Etro Messe de Minuit
    ..amongst others..
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    Default Re: Smokey Article ..!..!..

    Nice one Z. Thanks for posting.
    I find it confusing how sometimes "incense" is used to denote a smoky note and sometimes to denote a frankincense one.
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    Default Re: Smokey Article ..!..!..

    Yeah, thanks for posting! Good stuff.

    Its funny with all the smoke scents-- This is a bit off topic but...It reminds me of my greatest fear of my high school days--smelling of woodsmoke. It was kind of a class thing, but one way to tell the kids from the "wrong side of the tracks" was if they smelled of woodsmoke. My family had moved to a new town during my sophomore year, and I was the new kid at school. In our new house, my bedroom was in the basement, and there was a wood burning furnace in the room over. When my mom would do laundry and let the clothes dry--sometimes she would forget to close the doors between rooms and all my shirts would end up reeking of wood smoke. I was so self conscious of it and it was awful. We lived in a nice enough house, but because of the "smoke" smell I was afraid of being thought of as "white trash" as were most kids who smelled of smoke (and "soup-whiff"--a Wayne's World reference). I used to sneak around and rewash my clothes behind my mom's back. I used to douse myself with Preferred Stock to cover up what was left. heh.

    Nowadays, it's strange to think how many scents that are smokey that are my favorite things to wear. Avignon, Passage D'Enfer, Kyoto, Zagorsk, my own creations, etc. Sure these fragrances much better smelling than my parents basement, but I do find a bit familial of comfort in scents that evoke the wood burning on the hearth and frankincense filled chuches. Zagorsk in particular might be the closest thing to my parents' basement, which could be why I love it so much and yet am scared to wear it out in public.

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    Default Re: Smokey Article ..!..!..

    "Yeah, thanks for posting! Good stuff" - seconded !
    'Il mondo dei profumi č un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    Default Re: Smokey Article ..!..!..

    Great article.

    Interesting that the author classified 'Must' by Cartier as an incense scent...I have always thought of it as an oriental/orange blossom scent.

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