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    Default Empreintes by Guido Mocafico

    Anyone heard of this one? Know where to procure it online? Or any comments on the style/notes?


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    Default Re: Empreintes by Guido Mocafico

    Puzzled. I only know Guido Mocafico as one of the best photographers of perfumes.
    For an idea of his work:

    And the name "Empreintes" makes me think of Empreinte de Courrege.

    Could you please give some more information? Have you read about this scent and where?
    Very intrigued.
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    Default Re: Empreintes by Guido Mocafico

    This is purportedly a new fragrance for men. I read about it in a recent edition of a French men's magazine called "Numero Homme".


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