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    Default Agua Brava vs Bowling Green vs ???

    I'm looking for a good inexpensive juniper 'n pine (I love me some juniper, and I've been craving a pine...) Major Hot Weather sort of scent. Note-wise, I'm eyeballing Bowling Green & Agua Brava at the moment -- I'm wondering how much different these two are for one (First impression from posts and reviews; AB would beat up BG and take its lunch money).

    I like both Grey Flannel and Quorum, for what that's worth.

    Also, what else might fit the bill?

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    Default Re: Agua Brava vs Bowling Green vs ???

    Agua Brava might beat up Bowling Green, but Bowling Green would SMELL BETTER in my opinion (love it, love it, love it)

    Another that might fit the bill: L'Eau d'Artisan by L'Artisan Parfumeur (however the longevity on this is nowehere near what BG is...)
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    Default Re: Agua Brava vs Bowling Green vs ???

    Agua Brava is much dryer, more sophisticated and "European." It is in the same vein as Pino Sylvestre and Creed's Epicea. This type of fougere fragrance with its strong pine note was very common in scents from the Fifties.
    Bowling Green is much sweeter with a strong grass note and a multitude of herbs and citrus with a mossy drydown.
    Both are very good: one is quite old-fashioned and rather regal while the other is lighter and more playful.
    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Agua Brava vs Bowling Green vs ???

    Thanks! How do they compare in terms of longevity? I've been reading that the Puig's EDC "seems like an EDT" in many respects, but wasn't sure how literal those comments were.

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    Default Re: Agua Brava vs Bowling Green vs ???

    Agua Brava smells nothing like Bowling Green IMHO. I like them both (and my wife loves to wear Bowling Green for herself) but prefer Agua Brava. But I will not recommend it for you...

    Agua Brava is very herbaceous, almost like you're wearing a whole lot of cooking herbs.

    Bowling Green is by far the more piney & citrusy of the two and easier to wear.

    On me, neither Bowling Green or Agua Brava have good duration. Between the two, if I were you, I'd get Bowling Green.

    As for what I recommend... Acqua di Selva is one that isn't too expensive... maybe around $30 for 3.4 oz, moderate duration but subtle on the skin. Very refreshing during the summer; it has good citrus top notes. A bit soapy but a great all-purpose frag.

    When you get the $ I would recommend Blenheim Bouquet.
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    Default Re: Agua Brava vs Bowling Green vs ???

    If you like Grey Flannel, i'd also say go for Bowling Green.
    I also don't find that there are any big similarities between the two.

    Personally though, i would prefer bowling green because of the very well explained points made by Mr. K .

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