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    Could anybody give there opinions of Royal Bain de Caron and Eaux de Caron Forte?

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    I have Royal Bain de Caron but don't wear it often. It is quite sweet and - in my opinion - more feminine. As with all Caron fragrances, it is of superb quality and quite long lasting. It starts off rather sweet and sparkly but develops into a incense laden and rather floral scent. I got a sample of the Eaux de Caron Forte and it is fairly sweet but fresh with citrus. There is also a strong floral component. Again the drydown is very good and - for a citrus fragrance - it is quite tenacious.
    Both are terrific scents; it's just that I find them a little too floral and sweet for my taste -especially the Royal Bain.

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    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think thats just up my alley, as i tend to steer towards the unisex frags. I'll have to try and get samples, or I'll just blind buy.

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