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    Default Lacoste Hot Play

    For some reason, the top reminds me of a L'eau d'issey, except the florals and yuzu are replaced with spice.

    anyone try it out yet?

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    Default Re: Lacoste Hot Play

    not yet, ...i cant find it on stores yet. cool play is not bad at all... so did you find the new verison more into the aquatic base ???

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    Default Re: Lacoste Hot Play

    Yeah, I tried it out. Bleh. Slightly orangey, nothing groundbreaking. Not your traditional citrus, but not in a good way.
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    Default Re: Lacoste Hot Play

    Was going to try Hot Play in a sample form but settled on Style In Play. Still waiting for the samples in the mail.

    Have you tried S.I. Play?
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    Default Re: Lacoste Hot Play

    No I have not. But Hot Play is the limited version of SIP.

    HP is decent...smells like something young.. I am surprised by it's longevity so far. 2 hours and still going strong on my wrist and I am even rubbing it all over my keyboard cushion. Typically, these "Teen" type of scents go away fast or become extremely bland.

    At first, it really really reminds me of a less floral L'eau, but then orange comes out and kinnna lingers in the background. Pretty fresh musky orange..that's how i can describe HP.

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