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    Default Re: Used to be a vetiver said something

    Quote Originally Posted by TromboneGuy View Post
    As a side note - I have no connection to that website or its owner/operator. I just thought I'd pass along a source that you guys might not be familiar with. Sue, the owner, posts over at and the guys over there really like her products.
    If it's good enough for the folks over at it's good enough for me. Hell knock back some Rolling Rocks and swap bear story's here in Jersey. Mountain Lion sighting in the Ramapo mountains.... figures . I'd love to see the Mountain lions re-establish themselves. Bears are having a ball here even with the hunting. (yea charlie... gonna build us a place right up there in Ringwood.... patio overlooking the meadow..... put the grill......Charlie?)
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    Wink Re: Used to be a vetiver said something

    I like the Haitian vetiver in OV Creed...i´m a young man...i don´t like to strong and classy...if you wear everyday a suit, than it´s ok!

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