Hi. My name is Linda and I'm the newbie who can't let go of Uninhibited.
I had my first grandchild this past September and recently realized that all the discount store fragrances I've been using since Uninhibited went out of production just don't cut it for me anymore. Guess I'm getting old.
I was in the drugstore today, going through their clearance items and came upon a tiny bottle of Ciara. I tried it. Strong, but I kinda like it on me, at least until I find something else. I came home and looked it up on the internet to see what the ingredients were, and lo and behold I see that it too is being DISCONTINUED!! That IS my luck. Only good thing is, I can tell that unlike Uninhibited, this perfume will probably hold its smell for quite a while!! I don't think I'd trust spending money on an old bottle of Uninhibited - its too fragile of a scent to stand the ravages of time, but I think Ciara's scent might be able to hold up a few years if it is in fact being discontinued.
One more idea about Ciara, I think it would be a good perfume to mix with other scents - its uncomplicated. I was already experimenting with some of the lighter body sprays in the drugstore and was somewhat pleased.