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    Default Diptyque Candles?

    Can someone comment on the quality and "sillage" of Diptyques range of candles? This forum doesn't get much attention or discussion it seems. I'd like to know more about what some of the preferred candles and home fragrances are.

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    Default Re: Diptyque Candles?

    Another member reported that the oil amount had been reduced in the Diptyque candles recently. I am currently burning COING 'Quince' and it's sillage is not as good as some of the others I have tried from the line. CYPRESS and MOSS are my favorites and the sillage on these two is very good.

    Votivo "Forgotten Sage' is one of my all-time favorite candles and has great sillage.

    hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Diptyque Candles?

    My Diptique Feu de Bois candle has been back ordered for ages, so I can't say for sure, but you do know that the coloured ones have a way higher fragrance concentration for a very small upcharge.

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    Default Re: Diptyque Candles?

    These candles have gone down hill significantly in recent years. I blame it on the fact that the company keeps changing hands and the original goal of having a quality product has changed from a goal of making money. They have rather poor "throw" now. For the money, there are far better lines out there. Among then....Bond #9, Slatkin, Burn, Sage Machado and Loree Rodkin.

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    Default Re: Diptyque Candles?

    I have bought Diptyque candles in the passed and was really pleased with the sillage and burning time.

    Wandered into SpaceNK yesterday intending to buy a Diptyque candle, usually I love Opoponax,Lilacs or Feu de Bois. What I actually bought was a SpaceNK own brand candle, I have used those before too usually love Bathing in The Woods. This time I bought Springtime Seduction a blend of sweet pea,violet,lupins and hollyhock. It smelt just like a summer garden and far better than the Diptyque.

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    Default Re: Diptyque Candles?

    I'll check out some of the mentioned candle brands. I really don't know what the top quality ones are out there. I'm just going by fragrance house reputation, but that seems like it would be very costly in some cases.
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    Default Re: Diptyque Candles?

    Diptyque candles are excellent but overpriced!
    i tried figiuer (figtree) and oeillet (carnation), oeillet is very powerdy and soft but with great sillage; figuier is a little bit disappointing (even if it is one of their best sellers)
    i think Diptyque interest is that most fragrances are soliflores what is not so frequent

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