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Thread: Heliotrope?

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    Default Heliotrope?

    I've read this mentioned a few times in other threads and would love to know what it is, and what fragrances have it. It seems to provoke a strong reaction (in a positive way), and I guess it's possible it exists in some of the fragrances I already own, but as I don't know what it is, I wouldn't know!

    Would anyone care to enlighten me please?

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    Default Re: Heliotrope?


    Heliotrope is a creamy, almondy-smelling flower. It is purple in color. It provokes the same love-hate reaction that amaretto-type scents do, because it's really very similar. Here's a link to what wikipedia has on the subject:

    As far as scents that contain it...

    I know that Etro has a very nice Heliotrope-scented candle. You can find that at a lot of boutiques.

    For mainstream, you can also find Heliotrope in Gucci II EDP, Valentino V, Gucci EnvyMe2, and Miss Sixty.
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    Default Re: Heliotrope?

    I love heliotrope it has a cherry pie/almond smell.

    Many classic Guerlains have it.
    L'Heure Bleu
    Apres L'Ondee.

    Sometimes people dislike the classic Guerlains because of a Play Doe note, which is actually the heliotrope.

    I own the Etro Heliotrope and love it!!!!!

    PT Liver do a very nice Heliotrope fragrance too.

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    Default Re: Heliotrope?

    Does Luctor et Emergo from People of the Labyrinths have heliotrope? It smells JUST like Play-Doh.

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    Default Re: Heliotrope?

    Of the Guerlains, it's strongest in l'Heure Bleue. I had a bottle of Crown Perfumery Heliotrope a few years ago - much less good rendition than the Etro.

    I've just planted out some baby heliotropes in a tub by the front door for the smell later in the year. It's a good way to get used to the note - you're in the UK, so Thompson and Morgan should be able to post you some seedlings if you're interested. They aren't frost hardy, and the slugs *love* them, so be careful!

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    Default Re: Heliotrope?

    This thread is informative. Now I know what heliotrope is and apparently I love it.
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    Default Re: Heliotrope?

    I always get myself a plat of Heliotrope for the summer, and have it in a pot close to where we sit in the garden, so we both can see and smell the plant. The colour of the plant flowers is a really beautiful blue/purple (there are different Heliotropes, with some difference in colour). It is one of the best smelling plants one can have. Only some roses are even better smelling, IMHO.
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    Default Re: Heliotrope?

    POTL has oodles of heliotrope, that is the Play-Doh note. Ava-Luxe has a nice heliotrope soliflore, too, which is a bit less intense and lighter than POTL, but from the same family.
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    Default Re: Heliotrope?

    Thank you all for the information! There I was thinking it was some kind of chemical additive, rather than an actual flower! - we learn so much here!
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