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    Just wore this for the first time. Initially reminds me of Burberry London without the tart wine note. In 3 words, light and dry. Also, the tea notes bring to mind Bulgari PH. That said, I can't say I too enthused about it. Definitely prefer Gooch PH I to this stuff.
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    I tried it twice and I wasn't sure I liked the top and heart but was amazed to find the base smells like regular Gucci pH

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    Nice smell, gone in sixty seconds.

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    Oh, that's too bad! I smelled it on a strip in a magazine last weekend and I really liked it. I guess I'll have to try it on myself before I pass final judgment, however. The "gone in sixty seconds" platitude was applied to Dior Homme and I found it to be wrong for my skin--DH lasted almost 12 hours!--so I'll have to try this one on myself.
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    Excuse me? Gooch? You misspelled it twice.

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    it's catchy sorta like genvy. real 21st century

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    Now that I have actually worn it, I really like GPH II. Here's my review of it: (submitted to review board, waiting for publishing).
    De gustibus non est disputandum

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    I tried GPHII the other day & i also got a resemblance to Bulgari PH with the tea note.On my skin (couple of sprays on wrist) it lasted about 3 hours.

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