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Thread: Bois 1920 ?

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    Default Bois 1920 ?

    Anyone tried this one?
    It is for sale at Barneys

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    Saw it in Barneys mag I received last week. OK I found info....
    Bois 1920 is the line
    Bois 1920 is a brand that expresses the passion of the Galardi family for the profumiera art from 1920.

    The sensibility and the art of Guido Galardi, the prototype, have been handed on its Enzo grandson who in 2005, reinterpretando the ancient formulations, finds again the “meant scent” like artistic expression.

    Its dream is ignited, the emotions and the spirit of Guido is materialized: Bois 1920 is born.

    A collection of eight refined fragrances, from the complex bouquet and intriguer, distributed exclusively in one niche of selezionatissimi storees.

    Sustra Ylang is the fragrance carried.
    Oriental-Amber: A way bewitched in the garden of the Esperidi, penetrating itself, us inebria of the dazzling bouquet of the heart, until the end that assumes connotations exalted from the cedar of Texas and the wood of sandal.

    Imperial Sushi
    Oriental-Speziato: Intense beginning where the notes of citruses are melted. The heart gives off its character speziato with pepper, moscata walnut and cinnamon. The fragrance evolve towards one wake of essences of woods and vaniglia of the Madagascar.

    Classic 1920
    Speziato-Amber: It is constructed on the wake of harmonic speziate notes, a bloomed bouquet and yielded shadings. On the end, notes boisé of the vetiver of Have to you and of the cedar of China they slip in the sandal of the Antilless.

    1920 Extreme
    Fougere-Wood: The three facette they are expressed composing a inimitabile equilibrium: the freschezza of the bergamot of Calabria, the bouquet of gelsomino and geranio, the sensuale dolcezza of the fave of Tonka and vaniglia the Bourbon.

    Real Patchouly
    Wood-Amber: A eau de toilette, sophisticated that is revealed in the sfaccettature of the woods of sandal and the cedar of Texas. On the bottom, amber and vanigliate notes.

    Bitter Citruses of Sicily
    Yield: A great freschezza originates is obtained them concentrating espiredee notes. The heart puts in scene a floreale corteo. One prolongeds with an elegant bottom.

    Amber Vetiver
    Wood-Amber: A eau de toilette male, a good odorosa architecture that esordisce to the frizzanti note standard, it turns towards a warm and speziato heart.

    Sandal and The
    Coolness-Floreale-Wood: Solar and Mediterranean notes of head. Sensuali note and an intense heart gelsomino of the Bulgarian rose. Final agreement between leaves of that they vanish in the sandal
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    Wink Re: Bois 1920 ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jock_With_Scents View Post
    The sensibility and the art of Guido Galardi, the prototype, have been handed on its Enzo grandson who in 2005, reinterpretando the ancient formulations, finds again the “meant scent” like artistic expression.
    Madonna mio, a fragrance called 'Imperial Sushi' !!!!???
    I was in Barneys last week and saw them unpacking the stock. A big white box with gold lettering. They actually sound pretty great. We crossada fingers.

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    Default Re: Bois 1920 ?

    love the babbelfish-style style translation

    Buy my extra scents - mainly niche - over 50 items (tiny bottles)

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    Tried a spritz today at Barney's and find it fantastic. Love all of them. They are woody, some are green, most are spicy. Some are brownish; some are lighter and greenish. I know the elements sound like things we are already trying, but these are different, and very intriguing. My faves: the Patchuly and 1920 extreme. I could easily dream about this gold mine of olfactory delight, and buy a batch one day soon. Very worth a try.

    I didn't buy any, but loved most of them, and felt confused.

    So I ended up buying what I came for: Sables. End of season for Sables, but can't find it anywhere, so put my money down and ran to a belated birthday dinner at Le Veau D'Ore near Bloomies. Nice night, I must say.


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    Default Re: Bois 1920 ?

    Thanks for all the input....
    I placed a call in to the Madison Ave NY store and got put on the waiting list for the new Gendarme 200ml EDP....The SA told me that I'd get samples of 4 of the 8 scents shipped with the Gendrme if I soon....very soon

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    Default Re: Bois 1920 ?

    Quote Originally Posted by rjrober22 View Post
    Thanks for all the input....
    I placed a call in to the Madison Ave NY store and got put on the waiting list for the new Gendarme 200ml EDP....The SA told me that I'd get samples of 4 of the 8 scents shipped with the Gendrme if I soon....very soon
    Really wanted to try the Gendarme EDP myself, but they don't have it yet.


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    Default Re: Bois 1920 ?

    Luckyscent is rumoured to be getting this line in soon !!!

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    Talking Re: Bois 1920 ?

    Final agreement of the leaves of that they vanish in the sandal? This line I GOTTA try!

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    Barneys rep today on Madison in NY told me that the Bois 1920 line is flying of the shelves. They are already on reorder for a couple of the 6 scents in the line they carry.
    Anybody tried these yet? She said people coming in are really loving this new line. Oh well...just rambling.

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    I only tried the Bitter Citruses of Sicily; on my wrist.
    SA said bottle was $160!
    I think I have to go back tomorrow and buy it.
    This is the ultimate, clean, fresh, subtle, summer scent for me.
    It's smoove; not sharp like other citrus.
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    Default Re: Bois 1920 ?

    I tried four of them--Classic 1920, 1920 Extreme, Real Patchouly and Sushi Imperiale. The latter did not, thank God, smell like raw fish, but rather a rich oriental with pepper, cinnamon and vanilla. My firs impression was that it was well made, but reminded me of other fragrances that I couldn't immediately place. (This was off a card.) The Extreme started off green and eventually got to a tonka and vanilla base. I really liked the Patchouly a lot ,but felt it was more of a fall-winter fragrance. Definitely a future consideration.
    I ended up shelling out $160 for the Classic which imho lives up to its name. They call it a spicy amber, but it also has citron and vetiver in it. To my nose, it has a traditional man's cologne feel to it---refreshing, yet smooth without any powdery sweetness. So far, I love this stuff.
    This line, which I had never heard of, really impressed me and I look forward to trying the rest. They are expensive, but like Frederic Malle, they smell expensive.

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    I've just discovered this line and was directed here by Mikeperez (I've been writing about them a bit on the ladies' area). I love the Patchouly one, and have just ordered a sample from luckyscent. My local perfumerie couldn't let me have a sample, and only let me have a spritz on a card (mean buggers!). I'm not forking out £92 for a bottle until I've tried it on my skin.
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    Default Re: Bois 1920 ?

    I just saw these for the first time today at sacks and was really impressed.... especially with the extreme. I'm surprised these don't get more love around here
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    I've seen the line here at my local higher-end dept. store (Holt Renfrew). I've only really smelled the Imperial Sushi a few times and even wrote my first and only review on Basenotes about it. I found it to be a warm glowing blend of vanilla and cinnamon, not totally unlike Hermes Ambre Narguile and others. It smells expensive, is very well blended, but what's missing IMO is the X factor, really something to make me have to think about it. I suppose for someone with expensive taste who doesn't want to take the risk of smelling bad for any possible reason, it's a good frag.
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    Default Re: Bois 1920 ?

    I've smelled a few, but the only once I gave a full wearing to was Sushi Imperiale. No, it doesn't smell at all like sushi, but it does smell a little like sushi ginger. The top notes are a lovely, fresh spicy ginger and citrus accord, but I found the drydown disappointing and bland.

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    Default Re: Bois 1920 ?

    Yea the classic smelled good but it faded way to quickly, and the extreme was pretty good, not my taste though. The agrumi smelled wonderful on my skin, nice tart berries, for the first 60 seconds, then it turned into raw fish. So disgusting.

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