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    Default XS, 212 on ice, A&F Proof, or Live Jazz?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I've been lurking here for a while for opinions but never posted.
    I'm also a beginner at this stuff. I bought myself a bunch of colognes last month trying to find a suitable cologne for me during summer time (day & night)
    I only like Dolce & Gabbana PH, and Chic by CH the most out of them, may be followed by m7, Rive Gauche and Guess man. The rest are Psssst!.

    I'm just looking for 2 colognes,one for day and one for night.
    As for the day I like something fresh, not too spicy, just a bit, and may be gets a bit sweet as it dries down. I actually like Aqua di Gio a lot but... well, we all know the problem here.
    For the night, I like something romantic, sweet, but unique and catchy!

    I want you guys' opinions on XS, 212 on ice, A&F Proof (I actually like this one when I sampled it at the store), and Live Jazz.

    Also, other recommendations for summer colognes for day & night are appreciated. Remember, just one for the day, and one for the night!

    Thank you
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    Default Re: XS, 212 on ice, A&F Proof, or Live Jazz?

    Terre d Hermes/Ck be...............For Day
    M7/Gucci Envy.........................For night.

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    Default Re: XS, 212 on ice, A&F Proof, or Live Jazz?

    I think XS would be wonderful for you during the day, especially in the summer. It fits the fresh, not too spicy, not too sweet and it's very clean. I was going to buy Live Jazz blind as I heard great things about it, but I decided not to. For night, M7 would work, it is romantic and sweet, especially in the drydown. It is also unique, maybe too much for its own good. I think that Gucci Envy might do a better job for your night scent, as it catches your nose for being romantic and sweet more so than for being unique. Best of luck, and Welcome to Basenotes!!

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    Default Re: XS, 212 on ice, A&F Proof, or Live Jazz?

    Thanks, both of you

    I actually own both M7 and Gucci Envy, and like them both. I just feel a tiny bit more comfortable with M7. I've never tried them on my skin yet, I just sniff the bottles. I'm going to test both of them this weekend.

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