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    Default Gaultier2 in the Summer?

    Would Gaultier2 be acceptable for a general summer fragrance? (Please bear in mind that I'm talking about an English summer, so it doesn't get too hot over here)

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    Default Re: Gaultier2 in the Summer?

    I worked with the launch of G2 in 2005 (and had to wear a heavy wool black kilt to boot!)... it was launched late spring in Western Australia - with temperatures in the low 30s at the time. Over the following months, the mercury reached 42+ degrees, and I still wore it.

    What I found was the warmer it got, the more comments I collected. On my skin at least, the radiant amber notes seemed to project well and compel others to comment.
    Though I'd imagine some couldnt carry it off in such weather (depending on application), I found it very enjoyable, as did those around me.
    I'd imagine a British summer wouldn't prove as warm, but I guess it ll comes down to body chemistry. If you can source a sample or wear some on a hot day, let your best judgement guide you. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Gaultier2 in the Summer?

    Not me, but another Basenoter who I have spoken to about G2 said that she loved it in the summer heat - so perhaps it would work for you...

    I have been considering a bottle for a while now...I still am trying to see if I can tolerate the grape Bubble-Yum note I get at the top, which initially turned me off a little.
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    Default Re: Gaultier2 in the Summer?

    I think you can wear anything, the area I live in is basically tropical humid weather.

    The only thing to think about is your surroundings, if it's going to be outdoors, I woudn't have a problem with it at all, but if you're going to be in a stuffy room full of people, I would think twice about it. G2 packs a lot of thick sillage so closed rooms may require a lighter hand with the scent.

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    Default Re: Gaultier2 in the Summer?

    When I first smelled G2 I immediately thought it was a warm weather fragrance. Since then I've come to acknowledge that most consider it to be for autumn or winter. I decided to test it out and took it on vacation to Ft. Lauderdale back in February--high temps in the low to mid 80's. It was fantastic and I received several compliments on it. My advice, though, is to go light. The G2 Body Lotion makes for a great apres-beach moisturizer--and along with a dab of EDP......just perfect for warm weather, especially warm weather evenings. least it was for me!

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