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    Wink "Synthetic", the best ones around!

    Im devoted of synthetic perfumes.
    Name your top 5 (please)I would help me, as I want to change my current for this summer.
    My current are odeur 53 or Soda by CDG collection.
    Thank you very much all.
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    Default Re: "Synthetic", the best ones around!

    Escada Magnetism
    Poco Rabanne Black XS
    Dunhill Desire Blue (a bit more wearable than the original)

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    Default Re: "Synthetic", the best ones around!

    Dunno if they are the "best"
    but i find the following truly synthetic smelling...

    Paco Rabanne Black XS
    Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man
    Dunhill Desire Red
    Clinque Happy
    Azzaro Chrome
    Boss Selection
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    Default Re: "Synthetic", the best ones around!

    Exactly the right time to rave about SKAI by Comme des Garcons, my latest big bottle purchase!
    After sampling Odeur 53 and 71 for reference, I'm very happy with my decision. 73 is a bit sweeter, doesn't last as long and 51 didn't do much for me. SKAI is very longlasting and has an effect as if an Eremit just fell from heaven. It's an unbelievable aura that is both, fresh and very, very uplifting, but not in the traditional aquatic or perfumy kind of way, it's unbelievable, has to be experienced.
    I'm sampling a lot of stuff all day long, mostly revisiting what I don't know too well and I always found SKAI to be on the very top of my to have list. Actually I don't think it's perfume - it has to be a closer look into the heavens and the containing molecules ....
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