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Thread: Bond James Bond

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    Smile Bond James Bond

    who else out there loves this stuff I love the bottles the shape and am loving the smells I love my honey in Wall St and Hamptons any other lovers out there>>????

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    What? Oh, Bond No. 9? Right. You should learn to use punctuation, it makes things easier to read.

    Riverside Drive, Bleecker Street, New Haarlem, and Chez Bond are my favorite Bonds.
    De gustibus non est disputandum
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    Some nice smelling scents in the Bond No. 9 line, but I'm generally down on the line.
    They seem to me to be derivative of existing scents and they are cranking out way too
    many of them too fast. It seems like a grab for the fast dollar, frankly. And the price --
    come on!

    Nonetheless, many smell decent and if you like them, enjoy!

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    My personal favourite is Chez Bond.
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    I have sampled a few and honestly, I am not too impressed. Chinatown is nice, but like it was said before, most seem quite derivative. And way overpriced.

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