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    Question Similar to Curve

    Hello all,

    My dad's b-day is coming up, and I've been informed that he's running out of cologne, which he uses every single day. His favorite scent is Curve, the original one in the green bottle. He's also used CK Eternity and Emporio Armani He.

    Anyway, my personal opinion of the original Curve aside (not my fave), what's out there that smells similar? I was recommended Armani Code and went to smell it, but it was more sweet than Curve, IMO.

    Thank you in advance!

    P.S. I apologize for barging in just to ask this question, but I've been unable to find any advice elsewhere...

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    Default Re: Similar to Curve

    Kiton Man is like a longer lasting Curve IMHO. (Which is fine by me; I rather like Curve; my beef with it was the duration, and Kiton solved that.)

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    Default Re: Similar to Curve

    Cool Water by Davidoff. Similar to Curve in all respects: Price, Type, etc...
    with great longevity
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    Default Re: Similar to Curve

    cool water has terrible longevity, in my experience. Then again, that was after I left it on my table top in the light for almost a year before wearing it.

    Nice at first, but then just fades quick and becomes way too subtle. same goes for Cool Water Deep

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    Default Re: Similar to Curve

    Thanks for the suggestions so far - will have to give them a sniff next time I'm at the parfumerie. Any others??

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    try Guess Men. It is somewhat like it, but not really exactly...

    Not sure, worth a try though.

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    I'm not surprised you mentioned both Curve and Eternity; I find them quite similar. Check out XS pour Homme by Paco Rabanne. It reminds me a bit of Eternity and curve but I like it better.

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    Wink Re: Similar to Curve

    Thank you for all the advice!

    Based on what you guys have mentioned and a bit of web surfing (at Basenotes and other places), I bought a small sample of Creed GIT online. Received it today. IMO, it's not like Curve... I think Curve smells like bad air freshner, LOL... but I think my dad will really like it. Success! I'm letting it settle and linger before I decide to make the big purchase. Thanks a bunch!

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    Give Nautica Voyage a try... similar to curve, but I think it's a little better. (barely)

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