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    Question Best Of the Olfactory Groups

    i am looking to ad a couple scents to my collection from the diffrent olfactory groups
    info from

    If you had to chose once fragrance to be the best of that olfactory group using criteria such as ladies opinion, General population opinion, lasting power, popularity, and how unique it is

    here are the groups



    Floral musk-

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    Default Re: Best Of the Olfactory Groups

    I do not want to discourage you, jaylee! But what you are asking for is nothing less than the whole universe of masculine scents.

    You'll probably get a better response if you ask for each fragrance family at a time. Just now, both the fresh citrus fragrances and the aromatic ones have been discussed in great detail. There are lots of suggestions currently available. Why not scan the archive for the past two months? You could maybe start asking for oriental or woody scent suggestions instead. If I remember that correctly, both Michael Edwards and Harmann & Reimers have excellent maps or surveys showing colognes sorted by fragrance family (and year). They are available for free on the internet and will help you to specify questions. ME seems to be focusing on the American market in particular.
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    Cool Re: Best Of the Olfactory Groups

    I this is quite personal decision; depends on your taste.
    I can´t stand very woody for instance, I rather to wear citrus, synthetic or aquatic.
    they´re nice, most of them unique and generally I received good cumpliments, even in the USA they´re quite avoid!.
    I suggest to visit the directoty, typing your favourites notes, and search, read the reviews, that they're very often are very helpfull, and start cheking out some of them, and get into the exciting world of sniffing!
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    Default Re: Best Of the Olfactory Groups

    Rather than run the gammut, I'll reccommend what I wear, tell you the fragrance group to the best of my ability, and if and why my girlfriend/others like it.
    Bond No. 9 - Chez Bond-almost identical to Green Irish Tweed by Creed, but cheaper by almost half-not on osmoz, but I imagine an aromatic/fresh-clean and distinctive, uses real ambergris.
    L'artisan Parfeumer-I wear two fragrances supposedly unisex/for woman-Tea for Two a spicy oriental-predominantly smoky tea, vanilla and ginger on my skin-comforting and sexy at the same time says my girl and Bois Farine-floral woody musk-very dry cedary smell I wear to work, close to the skin, weird but grows on you.
    Comme des Garcon-Man 2-woody chypre-this is evening sexy-leather, musk, and an inky note to my nose. Smells the way I wish my natural skin smelled, my girl agrees, go for the small one-only $45 and not much needed for impact
    Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree-oriental spicy-I've worn this for a while, close to the skin, most everyone likes it, perfect during the day at work. The citrus/nutmeg make a creamy clean top note with oakmoss and vetiver to make a manly base and the perfect amount of vanilla to appeal to the ladies without smelling like candy tying it all together.

    Hope this helped and maybe set the tone for the rest of the thread. I definitely noticed this exercise in catagorizing my "fragrance wardrobe" or whatever let me better understand my own tastes.

    Good luck

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