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Thread: sweaty smells?

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    Default sweaty smells?

    Does anyone know what ingredient/chemical makes a fragrance have a sweaty smell? Does anyone know of any fragrances that have sweaty smells? I have Jovan White Musk and my little brother smelled it and he said it smells like the handball courts at the YMCA. Then my mom agreed it smelled a little like sweat. I have decided it smells a little like sweat, but not B.O. its more like a healthy, clean body odor?? So weird! And so I was wondering about it because only flowers, sandalwood, and musk are listed as the notes.

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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    To me, Kouros has a tinge of a sweat note in it.

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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    Musk can have a 'sweaty' edge to it, especially when coupled with patchouli.

    Patchouli (especially indian patchouli which is frequently over applied) can also have a sweat note about it.

    Costus also smells like warm clean, lightly sweaty skin.

    All are wonderful in smaller, balanced amounts.
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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    I agree on Kouros and would add Mare to the list. For me Mare is a salty and very nice marine scent.


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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    Sometimes ginger accords have a sweat-like smell.
    "Angel Schlesser Homme" also has a sweat-like heart that isnt altogether unpleasant.You can read reviews in the link here:
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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    Cumin has a slight sweat note which can be pleasant or not depending on your chemistry. For example Kingdom and Femme.

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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    Also JPG2 has this. I can't decide if I love it or loathe it.
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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    Alexander McQueen Kingdom has the sweatiest note I can think of. Others are Malle Musk Ravageur, Malle Cologne Bigarade, and even Marc Jacobs Blush.

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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    I think the drydown of CK be is a little like clean sweat.
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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    The sweatiest thing I can think of is PHEROMONE - rank and nasty, the most cat-pee scent in the world (aside from the real thing, of course!) Marilyn Miglin used it - Erox is guilty of it. It's supposed to attract the opposite sex, but to me it's a repellent.
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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    pheromone and costus and some animal notes have the proper dirty smell, but a nice way.
    the drywon of Vierges et Toreros from etat libre d'orange and also (believe me) Jungle Kenzo have the smell of what are you looking for!.
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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    Quote Originally Posted by SniffR View Post
    Alexander McQueen Kingdom has the sweatiest note I can think of. .....
    Ditto!! (And I happen to love it!! :bounce And welcomewelcome Robyn to the wonderful world of Basenotes!! :wave:
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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    I got sweat from Odeur 53 by Comme de Garcons (one of the few CdG's that I cannot wear)

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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    Nobody has said Yatagan!?!? That stuff is like a feral beast in a bottle!
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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    Amber and ambergris does that for me-in a bad way, so I stay away from perfumes with obvious amber notes. Musk smells slightly of clean sweat, depending on the combination, and I find it sweaty in a good way.

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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    Cologne Bigarade ...

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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    Jasmine is a culprit and cumin of course.
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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    This is why I really want to try Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan. Too bad they are such fascists about only selling it in Paris.

    Or maybe it's good that the French don't (yet) buy into Wal-Mart-style capitalism.

    Do people find Escentric Molecules scents to be sweaty? I don't think Escentric 01 smells *like* sweat, but it conjures up a sort of image of sweat. Not clean sweat like you'd release while exercising, either. It seems pheromonal to me, but not at all in a cat pee sort of way.

    Or maybe that's what cat pee smells like - to a cat!

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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    Has no one said Eau d'Hermès by Hermès yet? My number one sweaty body smell and I LOVE IT!!!

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    Default Re: sweaty smells?

    Malle Bigarde edp
    YSL NU edp
    Diptyque L'autre
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