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    Default Fragrances On Clothes

    I have noticed that a few fragrances go better on skin and smell bad on fabric. For example Kouros, on my skin and hair, it smells divine. But on my clothes all I seem to pick up is the loud fresh notes that smell like urinal cakes, which are not present when on my skin where I can pick up the mossy rich dry down that makes me love it. I also find it to be the case with M7, it smells nice on my Skin but on clothes all I pick is the top notes.

    Do any of you have a fragrance that you keep away from your clothes and restrict it to skin?

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    Default Re: Fragrances On Clothes

    I've had this experience with Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDT for women. On my skin, it smells like a beautiful floriental with a touch of sweetness. But on my clothes, I get a whole lot of turpentine, alcohol harshness for a good hour or two.

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    Default Re: Fragrances On Clothes

    Again I ask, what the ^%(Q*&^$!#$ is a urinal cake??!!

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    Default Re: Fragrances On Clothes

    Ha, a urinal cake is that thing they throw into urinals.....

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    Default Re: Fragrances On Clothes

    L'Instant and it's cousins always go on shirt or sweater also - that extends sillage and longevity. Do the same with Fleur du Male and you shall find your clothes by night without switching the light on. I also enjoy Kouros on textiles, and btw Kouros an FdM share a couple of characteristics. Very sensitive noses be warned .
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    It was just yesterday when I sprayed Adolfo Dominguez - Agua Fresca on my shirt by accident. On skin it doesn't last three hours on me, but the shirt smelled more than twelve hours, so longevity is most of the time a big, big plus. The smell was the same as when sprayed on skin.

    Some Creeds, L'Artisans and short lived fragrances in general I prefer to spray on clothes. 4711 clones, Mouchoir de Monsieur and L'Instant pour Homme EdT comes to mind ....
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