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Thread: Age of Bottle

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    Hello everyone,

    I am new here and was very excited to discover this site. I have an addiction to fragrances and perfume many others here I suspect! :-)

    I have hopes that someone here will be able to date my Houbigant Quelques Fleures bottle and box. I've personally owned it for so long that I can't remember from where I obtained it and when. While it no longer has any liquid, it has retained the wonderful scent.

    Anyway, the box is light blue cardboard with a rounded half dome connected/hindged lid that has what appears to be a likeness of a white ceramic/porcelain floral basket with handle that is holding a bunch of roses. There are red, yellow and purple flowers covering the rest of the box along with a white rope border.

    Is there any way to post pictures here? I'm sure my description has some scratching their heads!

    I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

    I hope I haven't offended seems all of the posts posted after mine are getting reponses and I''m wondering if I breached etiquette inadvertently.
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    Default Re: Age of Bottle

    Hi roni and welcome to Basenotes! Please do not be upset by the lack of responses -- it has nothing to do with your being new! You have got a real treasure on your hands and we are still working on the year it was manufactured. Please give us some more time and perhaps, someone will come up with the answer. I say "perhaps", because not many of us have access to rarities like you have got, and you would have more responses if it were something made in the year 2003. Anyway, nice to meet you and please tell us more about the scent itself -- any resemblance to the modern time Quelques Fleures?
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    Question Re: Age of Bottle

    Hi Twolf and thank you for responding and for the welcome. I also thank you for the reassurance that I didn't do something "wrong".

    Is there a way to attach pictures here? I was thinking perhaps it would be easier to id my bottle if I took pictures for all to see.

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    hi roni,
    I saw a gorgeous vintage quelques fleurs bottle at the site listed above, under the commercial bottles link. maybe it will be a helpful clue in finding the age of your bottle. perhaps you could dialogue with the seller of the one shown...
    your treasure sounds lovely.
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