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    Question Looking for something simular and new

    First off, I would like to say thanks in advance for any help

    I am looking for something simular to a sample Kenneth Cole New York which has been discontinued, I got a sample when I reordered my basics,I also got one called Crave by CK, it reminded me of NY but stronger, but when I looked at it, it says that it was discontinued also, I have read alot of reviews for those two scents and they were not very good ones, but I liked them.

    I am looking for something very simular to these, or one that would be considered "better" from people that liked these but know of something better, it's not something I wear everyday, as I always rotate everyday with one of the scents I wear now.

    Lolita Lempicka

    I like sweet scents, but I also like the sort of soapy/fresh scent like Crave or NY to break them up and to wear to work,

    I am also looking for something tobacco and leathery scented, a long time ago( late 90's) I had one called cigar that I liked, and I still saw it for sell and I tried it the other day and I still sort of like it, but I am looking for something better,stronger,more sophisticated. I smoke Gurkha Cigars and wish I could find one like that,lol

    If anyone has any suggestions I am listening

    Thank you for your time!

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    Default Re: Looking for something simular and new

    Gucci Pour Homme (the original one with the brown liquid NOT the new Gucci Pour Homme II with the bright blue liquid).

    Dark, leathery, some people say its incense-y, smoky, woody. Nice.

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    Default Re: Looking for something simular and new

    Ive always felt Kenneth Cole (in the circular grey bottle?) very similar to L'eau D'Issey. Is this the KC frag you refer to? If so, by comparison, they have a very similar opening.
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    Default Re: Looking for something simular and new


    Higher by Christian Dior is similar and maybe better than Crave;
    If you like the Kenneth Cole, try some of the others from his line;

    Based on your collection and the ones you've asked about, I'd tell you to try Dior Homme and Armani Code. They would fit nicely into your collection. You also might like Vera Wang, and another one from the U.K. called Endymion from Penhaligon's.

    For the cigar scent, you've got to try Havana and/or Havana Reserva by Aramis...Unfortunately, these are both discontinued and very hard to get ahold of, and expensive too!
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