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    Default AOL's Guilty Pleasure List

    I thought I would post this on here just for fun. It seems that AOL has done a feature about guilty pleasures, and I guess the suggestion is that we are supposed to resist these temptations. Well, take a gander and you'll discover one of your obsessions may just be a guilty pleasure after all..

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    Default Re: AOL's Guilty Pleasure List

    Yes... Guilty of a few of those (although I don't feel guilty about computer games - I did make my career out of it!)

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    Default Re: AOL's Guilty Pleasure List

    Warning: this is gonna be a huge post. When I was in college, there was some kind of email survey that went around that asked what song you were embarrassed to like. I fully expect my little sister (who just turned 25 so maybe I have to call her my younger sister) to still give me shit about it. I have no idea why I liked the cheesy '80s rock ballad "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" or why I put it on the list, but there you go.
    1. Trashy gossip magazines. Ordinarily I wouldn't give a fuck about Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton, or Nichole Richie. But when I'm standing in a long-ass line at the grocery store behind some dude who's buying 4 carts of groceries for his fishing boat and the other cashiers are just standing around chit-chatting instead of opening another line...I tend to reach for Us Weekly or Star and I just get totally engrossed. It's like watching a trainwreck, you're disgusted that you can't tear your eyes away. Plus I feel bad that I am essentially putting money into the pockets of asshole paparazzi who try to mow celebrities down with their cars in an attempt to get a shot that they can sell to Us Weekly or Star. Sigh.
    2. Of course, talking about my cats. I realize that not everybody gives a shit whether Lennybruce's favorite new pastime is stealing my foundation brush, or how damned adorable Milan is when he lies on his back like a little otter, but folks around town generally humor me and say "Awww, how cute" when I whip out my cell phone to show them cat pictures.
    3. Checking out sites like Flickr or MySpace to see how many dudes from small times are on there. It's always weird to pull up an old high school friend's page to see that they have like 6 kids.
    4. First, I have badass twin (kellichou). We call each other Wombie for "womb-mate" as a term of endearment. One of our favorite things to do in the summertime when I visit is to have a Bad Wombie Cigarette. I still have some packs of Nat Shermans that I bought in the summer of '04 before I moved up here. They're in ziplock bags and I bring them with me on vacation. There are few things better than chilling with the person in the world who understands you the best, having a tasty fancy-ass smoke, and drinking delicious beer. Rawk. Our younger sister is hella awesome too, but she really frowns on the smoking, so we don't smoke around her.
    5. CologneJunkie will back me up on the Nat Shermans. They're awesome.
    6. I really, really wish I could take naps at work. Even having this thought makes me feel guilty, but it would be sheer luxury to be able to do it. Mmm, nap.
    7. I hoard stupid stuff that I'll never use, and I even brought a few boxes of it with me to Alaska. Thank God the rest of it is still in storage in Colorado. I forced myself to spend last weekend cleaning out closets and drawers and just ruthlessly threw shit away. I just took 4 huge trash bags of shit to the landfill, and boxed up another 2 bags of useful stuff to donate to the church.
    8. Whenever I go out of town, I have to box up all the contraband that I don't want the housesitter to see and hide it in order to keep up appearances. Also to prevent her from drinking all my Good Scotch.
    9. I read occasionally, it's like a trainwreck. Can't tear my eyes away. Warning: it's a totally disgusting site with weird gory pictures. NSFW. Don't look up if you're at work or if you have a feeble stomach or don't like pictures of ridiculous gore, the Net Nanny programs have it on the bad-list.
    10. I throw away greeting cards that I receive, usually at the effing post office after I read them in order to avoid taking them home to add to the clutter, even though I have the nagging feeling that I should keep them for a scrapbook or something. I have not enough creativity to make a scrapbook, although my awesome younger sister has made several that I really love.
    11. Sometimes when Lenny is yelling (meowing REALLY LOUDLY) in the middle of the night I tell him to shut up. This is not something I am proud of.
    12. There are times that I relish feeling vengeful and imagining terrible things happening to total assholes. Mmm, wrath.
    13. Reading Dan Savage's crazy trashy sex-advice column, "Savage Love". Obviously, that one is NSFW as well.

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