The other day, I took a late-night trip down to Wegman's (a grocery chain that features some more upscale and hard-to-find items than most) to get some grub. I wanted to get some fruits, but was tired of the traditional fare, so I headed over to the "exotic" fruit section. Amongst the horn mellons, passion fruits, papayas of all shapes and sizes, and cherimoyas, was a new arrival: the Feijoa. Resembling a green, elongated, and fuzzless kiwifruit, I was intrigued. As with any new fruit, I picked up a good looking example and gave it a whiff.


I wasn't expecting the little runty fruit to exude such a heavenly odor. Sweet, musky, and a hint of florals. The overall effect is most similar to the aroma of ylang-ylang, but not as cloying, sweet, or flowery... if ylang-ylang could be masculineized (truthfully, I don't find it very feminine to begine with), this would be it. When I smelled it, I had a bit of a mini-flashback to when I smelled methyl benzoate in a chemistry lab class (it was amongst my favorite smelling chemicals... I'm not sure if we used it for anything, I just remember it smelled really good). I'm guessing there's a bit of it in both the skin of the feijoa and ylang-ylang essential oil, which is probably why the three seem related.

Anyhow, the feijoa has a wonderous aroma (and is a delicious fruit), and I'd love to see it used in perfumery. I really think it could make a great note in both men's and women's fragrances with its similarity to ylang-ylang.

Are there any other great aromas out there that you'd love to see make there way into men's fragrances?