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    Default Rasa vs Rasa Xtreme

    I'm sampling Rasa today and don't find it excessively musky, but my colleague nearly fell over when she sniffed my arm. Now in the past I've had a troubled relationship with musks - some make me feel as though I'm being smothered, but after finding this site and becoming more experimental, I'm coming around to them (at least, some of them). I'm interested to find how much stronger the old Rasa (now Rasa Xtreme) is than the new version - I have ordered a sample, but I don't want to cause a Sex Panther-type moment in the office and end up getting hosed down!

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    Default Re: Rasa vs Rasa Xtreme

    I must warn you, Indiscreet - Rasa Xtreme is not, I repeat not, a perfume to be worn in the day light, let alone to the office!

    Rasa Xtreme is a gorgeous animalic, dirrty musk - even more sexual / sensual than Serge Lutens Musc Koublai Khan and needs to be worn with caution - not to mention the cujones to back up what that scent is starting!!

    Even I, Moondeva (who begged Serena to relaunch this beauty in the first place), am very wary of wearing this in inappropriate situations.

    OK, enough with the histrionics.

    I love and adore Rasa Xtreme (and consider it a Holy Grail scent), but am aware that it is probably not best worn in a professional, non sexual / sensual situation. It differs from Rasa in being more intensely animalic, with a distinctly raw, civet accord that can be quite fecal to others. My chemistry adores civet and works well with it but I can see how it could easily overwhelm.

    I intend to pack away my Rasa Xtreme until the cooler darker months of winter and wear the much more socially acceptable Rasa during the summer months.

    I think what may make a difference is the formulation you wear it in. I usually only purchase parfum strength from Ava Luxe, so that is why I think the tamer Rasa may be your best bet for office wear if you love this scent.

    Is it the Eau de Parfum strength you are testing of Rasa? If the answer is yes - I recommend you try a sample of the parfum before you launch into Rasa Xtreme.

    If you end up loving the Rasa Xtreme (and I truly hope you do) I would suggest that you stick to the lesser EDP or Shower gel + Body cream strengths for day time / office wear.

    If you hate it then please, please, please send your unwanted sample to me - I will give it a loving home...
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    Default Re: Rasa vs Rasa Xtreme

    Well I was quite surprised by Rasa. When I put it on this morning it was all roses. By lunchtime it had faded and I was starting to feel a little disappointed by its longevity. Is that it? I thought. But then the afternoon got hot (no air con in the office - and with several PCs in that little room it gets very sticky indeed) and suddenly I started smelling musky. By the time I got to the gym for a pretty sweaty workout, it was quite noticeable to me! I do like it, but I'll make sure I'll test the Xtreme version on my own time.
    Oh yes and EDP.
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