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    What is the perfect use of mint as a component in a frag.. Your thoughts?

    As an herb, mint has a great natural smell and i would think would be quite challenging to develop for a frag. Done perfectly i think mint could create an awesome component protruding photosynthesis,rejuvenation. Overdone could make someone sick quite easily.. mint done perfectly is something my nose has yet to experience.

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    Crees Selection Verte. Unbelievable.
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    Probably the best use of mint I've found so far is in Jacques Fath - Green Water. Mint, citrus-lime & touch of pine.

    For straightforward mint, there is Lacoste Booster. I find it to be practically a spearmint frag. Like you suggest, it can be over the top. Still, pretty refreshing. If you look at the ingredients for both Booster and Lacoste Original, they both use menthol as an ingredient.

    Pasha has a strong mint component. The frag is deceptively strong. I had my wife wear it one time... while I really like it, the siliage was quite apparent.

    I'm not up on mint in niche frags.
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    If I were crafting a fragrance around mint, I'd include bergamot, petitgrain, lavender and cedar or fir to complement and balance the menthol. Perhaps ground it all in agarwood.

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    Guerlain AA Herba Fresca is a wonderful take on the 'fresh' mint smell; I also love the distinct 'fresh crushed mint leaves' accord in Halston (Classic for women) - both evoke the smell without smelling like sweets, cordial or a cooking ingredient.

    Oddly enough, one scent that screams mint to me is Ava Luxe Absinthe. I know it is devoted to artemisia / wormwood - but to my nose the menthol / mint note comes to the fore and is truly delicious. I find it quite addictive - the more I sniff it, the more I want to...!

    I think the handling of a mint note truly depends upon the type of mint being used - peppermint is quite different from spearmint, and they in turn both differ from lemon balm mint.
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    Aramis Surface= Mint + Cucumber

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    I agree the Herba Fresca. My bf bought it at Epcot--I thought it was a nice gesture, though I hadn't really smelled it myself and I prepared to be grateful and gracious. Silly woman! He opened it ASAP at the hotel, spritzed his neck and tucked the bottle in his kit. He has worn it consistantly in the mornings now for about a year--just loves it.
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    CdG Peppermint

    Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca

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    Quote Originally Posted by hirch_duckfinder View Post
    Crees Selection Verte. Unbelievable.
    Selection Verte is wonderful. Also, I've found that La Base for men has a nice, refreshing "minty fresh" aspect that compliments the alpine meadow aspect very nicely.

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    Let's not forget L'Occitane's The Verte a la Menthe!

    Green tea, mint and citrus. You can't get any fresher than this!

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    Mentioned already:

    Comme de Garcons Sherbert Series: Peppermint

    Absinthe by Ava Luxe (my SOTD actually - loving it! quite potent too, the Altoids of mint frags)

    Not mentioned:

    Comme de Garcons Sherbert Series: Cinnamon (if you like spice with your mint - sounds gross, I know, but it works)

    Ivy Splash by Marc Jacobs (basically a mossy scent with a very realistic 'candy cane' note in it that I just LOVE)
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    I get a lot of mint, nice, not too "harsh" in the opening of Live Jazz.

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    I will add to the recommendations for Selection Verte and Aqua Allegoria Herba-Fresca. I will also suggest that Annick Goutal's Mandragore makes fine use of mint, as do both Versace Green Jeans and YSL's Jazz Prestige, this latter even moreso than Live Jazz.

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