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    Default Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    I just purchased Eau D'orange Verte and was shocked how bad the longevity is. I read reviews that made that point but thought I'd give it a try anyway. I'm lamenting my decision because it is just so much weaker (duration) than anything I've ever tried. My question is has anybody ever mixed the regular with the concentree in a decant? Is that common place or taboo?

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    Default Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    I would not mix the 2. Reason: They are different scents created by two different perfumists. If you want to wear them both then I would spray one on and then layer the other on top.

    However, I love and own Concentree D'Orange and the longevity is still pretty low...Great scent, though.

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    Default Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    I ordered the Concentree (and 3 other frags) and it should arrive later. From what I remember, the Concentree smells more like orange bubble gum. I used to think Eau D'Orange Verte (regular version) smelled like lemon Pledge--not great, but fresh, clean and pleasant, but the other day I got a sample of it, and it was kind of nasty. I was surprised. Maybe it was just one of those days, but there was a hint of something rank and vaguely armpit-like in it. Only in the topnotes. (BTW, I ordered Kingdom blind, also arriving later, so that should be interesting!)

    I really don't need another citrus-- I just bought Creed Neroli Sauvage-- but there's something classic about Eau D'Orange Verte. Maybe it's the cool looking green bottle. I liked the Concentree better so that's what I ordered. I can't wait to try it later and compare it with the sample I have of the regular version.

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    Default Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    I just recieved my Concentree version today and have not tried it properly yet. I will see how it goes this weekend and post back here. I chose the Concentree after reading about the original's very poor longevity.

    Another favourite of mine is Philosykos by Diptyque - an amazing scent with awful longevity. It breaks my heart.

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    Default Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    I'm definitely into Hermes, but the poor longevity of these would drive me nuts, even though I love oranges. Then again, if I were just burning cash, I'd get these for times when I'm in really close quarters at a party or something.

    I guess we'd all like to have citrus frags with longevity, but that appears to be a very tall order. I have only one citrus that seems to hang on for awhile, and that's D&G Masculine, and I like it. And yes, it's very lemony, and I already know that it lacks the refinement of other more distinguished citrus frags.

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    Cool Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    The reason i bought the original is because it reminds me so much of neroli sauvage. Perhaps, its the bitter orange, instead of the usually sweet fake scent of other frags. When i smell it and close my eyes, i can visualize someone nearby pealing a unripened orange. The concentree was a bit too sour smelling but I only tried it on a card. I'll try it on the skin to see if i get a different result.

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    Default Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    I just got my Concentré. I dig it. The regular version smells more like real oranges it seems, while the Concentré has a warm sunny feel--with a bit of that "dishwashing soap" smell, like Serpent always said some of the Hermes had.

    As far as longevity, the original on me lasted quite a while close to the skin, even after a bath-- it just didn't generate a ton of sillage, which is fine with me. The Concentré does seem stronger, though not by much. I think they're both really nice. I do think I personally prefer the Concentré.

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    Default Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    My Moschino Friends smells like pure oranges to me. Pretty long-lasting, too.

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    Cool Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    I'll have to check that out. Does it smell sweet? Thats a deal breaker for me when it comes to citrus scents.

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    Default Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    Orange Verte is good for when it's very humid out, that's the only time it lasts. You can get the deodorant, and hand cream, and aftershave and conditioner and then it actualyl sticks! The creme actually has some longevity but it has a nutty smell to it and is significantly different from the Eau. The deodorant is great.

    Concentre is very good, but very different from the Eau, more tart, and sharp. They do mix well, but you end up just smelling the concentre.

    If you want the Eau or Concentre, you can get them on ebay regularly for cheap prices. You really have to spray the hell out of the Eau. It is quite heavenly though.

    Oh - I actually have a barely used 1.7oz bottle of the Concentre with box if anyone wants it. I ended up getting a 3.3oz for myself.
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    Default Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    yes unfortunately they do not last but great fragrances bought significant other Vetiver and he loved it and was amazed at it's lack of lasting power- interesting phrase huh?

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    Default Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    Vetiver by whom?

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    Default Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    I own the regular version and I find it lasts much longer if I spray it on my clothing. A few sprays to my blouse in the AM And I find myself catchings lovely whiffs of it throughout the day.... Spray it on my skin only and its gone in a nano second. I still love the stuff. Try misting your clothing if you can.

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    Cool Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    It seems to be the best approach. I've tested some of the theories put forth in some longevity threads about putting on lotion or oil prior to application but that myth's busted. I've also heard spraying the hair is effective but have yet to try it.

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    Default Re: Eau D'Orange & Concentree D'Orange

    I'm sorry, but Hermes should be ashamed for putting out a fragrance with such an obscene lack of longevity. I bought it years ago, loved the scent (and bottle), but could not believe how quickly it disappeared. It almost appeared to lose its lifespan mid-air. One day I literally sprayed about 15 to 20 shots on myself, clothes, hair, etc. Gone in about an hour.

    I am a big fan of their other fragrances, particularly Bel Ami, but one could get better longevity from peeling an orange and wiping the oil on his skin. I have never even bothered with the Concentree.

    A bitter orange, indeed.

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