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Thread: Hypnose P.H.

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    Wink Hypnose P.H.

    Hypnose; smelled it yesterday for the first time and I must be under hypnose immediately because all I could smell was the smell of a scent I already own;Body Kouros! Thats what i smelled;sorry if you smell something else; I was in trance probably.

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    Cool Re: Hypnose P.H.

    yes, thats true...a little bit from Black Bvlgari and Nikos by Nikos (the wine red bottle) and not Sculpture :-) I wouldn┤t buy this more for the evening. I will pass this one.

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    Tried it today... I think it was very, very nice, even though it's not entirely original. I was strongly reminded of Dior Homme, but I always felt DH was lacking something, and Hypnose fills that void. Strangely, I kept having flashbacks of Miss Dior Cherie for some reason (I've only smelled it once a long while back, so I don't remember how it smells all that well). I think it's a pretty quality juice, and far, far better than most of the other stuff at Macy's. I may have to splurge and buy a bottle...

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    Am sampling it today also... I definitely get an almond/marzipan "Body Kouros" vibe. Its opening is very pleasant. Having given it ample time to develop, I cant get past 'Sniff's' Body Kouros comparison... nice one to sample, but not groundbreaking IMO.
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    It's basically lavender with fresh,spicy topnotes.
    Although I understand the Body Kourous comparison,it didn't make me think of Body Kourous in the first place.
    It's drydown made me think of Rochas Man for a second, but very,very subtle.Nemo topnotes with a slight Rochas Man drydown.
    A Maurice Roucel signature maybe? I like it, but I wish the fresh,spicy start stayed a bit longer on me.
    Not groundbraking but nice. And sometimes I prefer nice to groundbraking.
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    Tried it today at Macy's - I do agree with the lavender description and the more than passing resemblance to Dior Homme in the topnotes, but I do not sense anything in common with Body Kouros or Bvlgari Black, nothing, zilch, nada. It eventually settles down to a powdery musty musky scent.

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    Default Re: Hypnose P.H.

    Huh. Am I the only one reminded of 'The Dreamer'?

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    Default Re: Hypnose P.H.

    Okay I must be the really crazy one here but I detect Azzaro Onyx.

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    I think you are all Hypnotized by Hypnose...just a thought...because everyone is coming up with different similarities haha.

    I thought it smelt like Aqua Net hairspray or sweet corn tortillas. hah

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    YSL L'homme, Fahrenheit32, Hypnose..... the same bore of synthetic sparkling
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