OK so today I'm sampling Montale's Aoud Ambre - and there's a note that's been hanging around since I applied it that I have always associated with Rose. Now I'm not the world's biggest rose note fan - it reminds me specifically of some makeup or something my grandmother used to wear that I really disliked at the time. It's also the strong note in Trussardi Uomo that caused me to not like it as much - But now I'm starting to wonder if it's the Aoud scent instead, because - well honestly - all I'm getting from this sample today is this "Rose" note (or what I always thought was rose) and leather. No amber, nothing "medicinal" that I was expecting from everyone that speaks of the oud. Maybe I'm just missing it? Perhaps I should have shaken the sample up? LOL

Also, do all the Montale Ouds have a strong Rose presence? Because I was thinking of buying a bunch of their samples, but I'm quickly finding that Rose really isn't my thing and I'd hate to wind up with a bunch of samples I don't like enough to try more than once.

Can anyone help?