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Thread: Decants?

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    Default Decants?

    Let me forwarn you...this is a stupid question...but if I don't ask - I'll never know!

    I'm new to the perfume world and this website. So - bear with me! When it says someone is will to "decant"...does that mean give a sample? Are these people vendors or are they just nice people willing to share? Does it cost anything? Should I offer money or they expect something? Also is the sample called a sample or a decant or what?

    Clueless...but hoping to gain some information and new perfumes!!


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    Default Re: Decants?

    No question that you don't know the answer to is stupid. That is why we have this place.

    A decant is actually a bit larger than a sample. It is a way to redistribute fragrances in smaller containers for things like travel, sampling (not the noun 'sample'), and sharing fragrances. Samples are in 2ml vials and are good for just a few applications. Decants start at 5ml sizes and are good for many applications.

    This is a great site to find the many ways a decant can look and work:

    Unfortunately selling decants here has been banned as a result of the ease a person selling a decant can manipulate the contents to make profits. They do cost money, but samples from a store usually do not. They try to promote the fragrances so they'll give you some freebies. Online vedors will charge you about $2 a sample usually.

    For some clarification, samples are samples, decants are decants. You may sample frgrances with decants made by a friend but they are still decants.

    Hope this helped!

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    Default Re: Decants?

    Yes...that does help...thank you so much!

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    Default Re: Decants?

    Michelle's series of questions were exactly the ones I had -- thanks, Envy, for the info.

    However, I am tragically polite! If I notice a member has a few interesting scents available for decant, what is the courteous way to ask? Should I research the scents with fervor and present my decanter with an essay? Since I'm not allowed to buy the scents, may I offer to pay for the supplies?

    As an alternative, is there a widely respected online retailer that sells samples for a reasonable price?

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    Default Re: Decants?

    I am not sure that Envyus' explanation is correct. The advertising of decants has been banned here, the reason given was that large corporate fragrance companies were trying to get decanting banned for various reasons outlined in the decants thread in "forum news and announcements" and Ebay in some regions has banned the selling of decants. There are lots of opinions, theories and possibilities about this.
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    Default Re: Decants?

    Quote Originally Posted by Latch View Post
    As an alternative, is there a widely respected online retailer that sells samples for a reasonable price?

    Stick around basenotes long enough...and I'm sure you'll run into one very soon. Or Google 'perfume decant sales'.
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    Default Re: Decants?

    While the advertising of decants is banned on Basenotes, if you look at the page for a particular fragrance, there is a tab near the top called "Market Place". If you click on that you will see a listing of people who indicated an interest in getting a fragrance, people willing to swap a fragrance and people willing to decant a fragrance. People who are willing to decant almost always expect something in return be it a swap of fragrance of comparable value or money to compensate for the value of the fragrance they shipped you.

    Decants are very useful as a way to get a fragrance you will only use occationally. A good rule of thumb is for every 1ml of fragrance you will get 10 squirts. Depending on how many squirts you use will give you the number of applications you will get. For example an 8ml decant will give you about 80 squirts and if you use 4 squirts for an application that will give you 20 uses. For some fragrances that is enough to last me for 2 years. No point in getting a big bottle when you don't plan to use a fragrance that much.

    Another compelling use for decants is giving a fragrance an extended test. I frequently find that it is easy to fall in love with a fragrance but after a couple of weeks of using it, you loose your enthusiasm. Just like you want to date somewhat for a while before you make a long term commitment, it is a good idea to spend a while with a fragrance before you toss out huge sums of money on a big bottle. This is most important when you are going for a high end fragrance where a bottle can cost a well over $100 up to a few hundred.
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