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Thread: Eau de Guerlain

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    Unhappy Eau de Guerlain

    I wanted to try this, but it requires a trip to NYC. How is this compared to Imperiale and Coq?

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    Default Re: Eau de Guerlain

    Quite different. It is not a typical traditional EdC, but a rather more complex composition. I find the carraway note quite distinct and it just might trn you off if you are not a fan of that smell. It has a floral-woody heart (jasmine, patchouli) and a mossy base. I would not buy this blind.
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    Smile Re: Eau de Guerlain

    Thanks. I was intrigued by the turin blog review of it.

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    Smile Re: Eau de Guerlain

    Actually, the very reason I bought Eau de Guerlain was because of Turin's review. If I remember correctly he basically said it was one of the best all around citrus fragrances out there, and I must agree. On a hot day you won't ever go wrong using it.

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    Eau de Guerlain is one of Jean Paul's masterpieces. As excellent as many of Guerlain's Eau de Colognes are, they have no longevity whatsoever. Eau de Guerlain is different and its ability to last seems to come from the combination of citrus and herbs. It has a very icy blast and reminds me of a long lost gem from Bourjois called Christmas in July. I haven't seen this is years - decades actually - but the scent, although very different, seemed to give the same chilled and refrigerated sensation as the Guerlain. Eau de Guerlain is an ideal scent for summer and is perfect on either sex.

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