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    Default The One That Let You Down?

    Have you ever been pining for a fragrance, but when you finally get ahold of it and "live" with it for a while, you realize that perhaps you've made a mistake?

    I'll offer my example: Long ago as a child (well, not that long ago), I always remembered that my friend's dad smelled incredible. On the bathroom sink was a bottle of "Gentleman" by some company I had little care to remember or even pronounce (which I now know to be Givenchy). Years pass and I smell the fragrance on a business man, which of course brought back memories of the simple little bottle on my friend's sink. A quick check on directory confirmed that it was Givenchy Gentleman that I was looking for, and it was on my "to get" list ever since. I spotted a bottle at Ross a few months back, but by the time I got back with the money to buy it, it was gone.

    Well, fast forward a few months, and there it was again: a nice new 1.7oz bottle at Ross for only $20. I picked it up, ready to experience the wondrous aroma for myself.

    It wasn't to be.

    At first spray, it was an olfactory assault of nuclear proportions that can only be tamed by avoiding more than just a few small sprays under the clothing. After waiting the better part of an hour for it to settle, the wonderful patchouli note emerged, but it didn't last long. It took a downwards spiral to a civet-tinted moldy carboard note (a shame, I really like civet) which I couldn't quite live with. Occasionally, the patchouli note would waft back in, and it'd smell sublime. I'm a big fan of dynamic scents, but not when they go from "meh" to "oh-my-god" and back. A real shame, because this stuff will always smell amazing in my childhood memories.

    I guess I'm going to blame it on the reformulation.

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    Default Re: The One That Let You Down?

    I had a similar experience with Boss No1.I used to wear this back in the late 80's/early 90's,when I was just "getting into" fragrance.Okay,it was nothing groundbreaking,but I enjoyed it all the same.So about 18 months ago,I got a little nostalgic,and decided to buy a bottle,as it had been many years since I had smelt or worn it.Oh my god!They have messed with it's formulation in a really bad way!It used to have a nice sweetness to it,but now it's complete patchouli overload.Now I like patchouli when used correctly,but this stuff just smells like I staggered out of Woodstock or something!Suffice it to say I gave it to my brother and shan't be purchasng again.A real shame,as it held happy memories for me too.

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    Default Re: The One That Let You Down?

    C&S No. 88 for me ... no doubt.

    I spent endless time trying to track down where I could purchase it (some time ago) from the glowing reviews it was getting ... and when I finally did find it, I was very disappointed and confused by how many people liked it.

    Definitely not for me ...

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    Default Re: The One That Let You Down?

    I agree with ziffy321 on 88.
    Also I was let down by Vetiver Extraordinaire. I sniffed it , bought it...and after couple of wears; couldn't get past a sour note that wouldn't go away. I ended up selling it.
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    Default Re: The One That Let You Down?

    For me it was a re-visit with Yatagan. In the 80's I thought it was the cat's meow. I got a bottle a few months ago and all I could get out of it was celery spice rub.

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    Default Re: The One That Let You Down?

    aqua di gio. when i tested it, I was really disappointed how the best selling retail fragrance smelt like those bug candles and plus it was so light.

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    Default Re: The One That Let You Down?

    Creed MI. I've owned two separate bottles, and both had to be returned. This one smells GREAT for about a half hour. On my skin, though, it doesn't exactly VANISH but it turns very dull & muted. Other frags have the same effect on my skin as well but they're all mainstream frags. I REALLY wanted to be able to wear MI, too .
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    Default Re: The One That Let You Down?

    Dior Homme - so many on BN raved about it, I participated in the 'Dior Homme Day' a couple months ago and was sadly disappointed that it turned really makeup-y on me.
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    Smile Re: The One That Let You Down?

    Also, every Jo Malone that I've ever tried last less than 1 hour. And yes, Mike, Dior Homme was a let down for me, also. I think it was a bold new direction for a designer men's fragrance, but............

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    Default Re: The One That Let You Down?

    Creed MI, which I was slobbering after like an overexcited puppy. After the ecstasy of REL and BdP I was at the point where I thought any Creed had to be solid gold - the gold bottle of all things was the first big Creed letdown. All in all it's still my favorite house, I suppose, but this one just makes me feel queazy when I wear it.

    The other big letdown was Fumerie Turque. After all the mega-accolades here I could not figure this one out. Didn't like the smoke, didn't like the sweetness, it managed to simultaneously bore and irritate me. Not even playing all my 3 Mustapha 3 records helped. Ambre Sultan is still the measure of all things Lutens for me (and Santal de Mysore).
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    Default Re: The One That Let You Down?

    I felt that way when I purchased Ralph Lauren's Polo when it was first released. I loved - and still love - the initial strong green note when applied on the skin. However after using the bottle for a while I realized that the green note evaporated very quickly and the remaining scent was undistinguished. That is why I treasured my bottle of Caswell-Massey's Greenbriar - a fragrance that incorporated the best of Polo and retaining the strong green note throughout the life of the perfume. Unfortunately, my Greenbiar is discontinued, replaced by a scent that is "not your father's Greenbriar*.

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