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    Default Jil Sander Bath and Beauty - The female Kouros?

    Hi there,
    I recently stumbled across this scent, and it IMMEDIATELY struck me as THE female counterpart to Kouros. The search doesn't reveal any threads about this scent, and the directory doesn't (yet) carry any information, except the year of introduction: 1981 (same year as Kouros...) It has the same clean smell, maybe slightly sweeter, but without the animalic compound that Kouros has.

    Did anyone else try this?
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    Default Re: Jil Sander Bath and Beauty - The female Kouros?

    My mum once wore that one, i quite like it it's kind of a German classic since the 1980ies.
    The notes are (according to website) : grass, fruits, jasmine, musk and honey.
    I personally find it by far softer and sweeter and a bit milky-vanillic, unlike the sharp animality of Kouros.
    But if Kouros had a female pendant, it maybe could be Bath&Beauty, why not? At least the bottles are both opaque white...
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    Default Re: Jil Sander Bath and Beauty - The female Kouros?

    I like those opaque white bottles!

    Unfortunately, the Jil Sander perfumes are not easy to find in Belgium.

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    Default Re: Jil Sander Bath and Beauty - The female Kouros?

    I have not yet had the opoortunity to try the Jil Sander scent, but for me the female counterpart to YSL Kouros has to be Vivienne Westwood Boudoir.

    Strong, clean herbaceous floral musk with a distinctly animalic edge. Only a few drops needed for maximum impact and lasts for days once applied...

    Yep, definitely the female twin to Kouros!
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