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    Question L’Artisan Eau de Jatamansi

    Has anyone tried this new one from L’Artisan Parfumeur? Your opinions would be very much appreciated!!!

    "L’Artisan Parfumeur has always skilfully cultivated the gift of creating rare fragrances that emphasize the beauty of their natural ingredients. For L’Eau de Jatamansi, it chose to focus its precious know how on the world of organics, and, for the first time, compose a fragrance of exclusively natural essential oils. At the heart of the composition: Jatamansi, of course. Its wood fragrance is astonishingly herbaceous and aromatic, then woody, warm and sensual, with accents of patchouli, stamping its individuality on the entire scent. Its rustic note sparkles in an aromatic, spicy iced tea. Then the floral, woody notes and balms reveal a surprising warmth that is delicately enveloping with voluptuous, sunny evocations.

    Family : Woody citrussy flowery
    Blend : Jatamansi, rose, cardamum, Indian papyrus"



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    Default Re: L’Artisan Eau de Jatamansi

    I have a sample from Luckyscent on the way. It sounds great. I wonder about the longevity. It sounds light like an edt?

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    Default Re: L’Artisan Eau de Jatamansi

    It is very light on me...I recall a lot of bergamot and then woods. It's been a while, though, and I would have to re-sniff. I remember liking it. A lot. Whether it's FBW, I dunno yet.

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: L’Artisan Eau de Jatamansi

    I really hope Eau de Jatamansi is not annoyingly light! I really admire the L'Artisan line of scents, but one of my gripes with them is that they have such low longevity for pricey fragrances. I'm always holding my breath after I sample each one, hoping it will last on me. Sadly only a few really do.

    When I heard L'Artisan was releasing an 'organic' scent - my first thought was 'oh no, an even LIGHTER L'Artisan than the others' and this kind of turned me off from even trying it. Why would they want to make on purpose a lighter scent, when their scents are ALREADY light (kind of like if YSL announced it was releasing a stronger version of wouldn't make any sense, since its already too strong as it know.)?

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    Default Re: L’Artisan Eau de Jatamansi

    Thanks for your replies!

    I really like the idea of a 100% organic scent, but like Mike I'm a bit worried about the longevity. On the other hand it is relatively cheap (for a L'Artisan) and if it has any uplifting effects or if it really harmonise the emotions favouring inner peace, then I don't mind it being light and short-living - I'll simply carry a pocket sized decant with me all the time

    Quote Originally Posted by Loukoumi View Post
    I have a sample from Luckyscent on the way. It sounds great.
    Please share your thoughts when you've got the sample!!!


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    Default Re: L’Artisan Eau de Jatamansi

    I hope to be able to try this someday. I have some actual jatamansi powder from Nepal arriving soon. It's spikenard, I believe. So it will be an interesting comparison. It's supposed to be very calming and good for the heart and nerves, too!
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: L’Artisan Eau de Jatamansi

    Perhaps at the Chicago Basenotes/L'artisan event, all of the attendees will be able to drench themselves in this, to give us a full on description.

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    Default Re: L’Artisan Eau de Jatamansi

    I have a small bottle of Spikenard essential oil (Spikenard is the stuff that Jesus washed/anointed someone or other's feet with), and I am very curious to try the L'Artisan one to see if they compare at all; from the description above, they do not! Spikenard is very balsamic; heavy, sweet and medicinal - a sweet version of Friars Balsam, if anyone is familiar with that.

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    Default Re: L’Artisan Eau de Jatamansi

    That is interesting. I don't know that much about Spikenard. It is related to Valerian (Nardostachys jatamansi) I did receive my sample of Jatamansi, It is light and clean smelling, but not like ordinary soap. I think you need to douse yourself in it. but then I usually like stronger smells. It is a crisp herby mix. Someone else can describe it better. It does last, but not all night. I think you need to douse yourself in it. I think it is one of those you have to keep reapplying, but my fears about it dissapearing thankfull were not realized. I thought $145 was kind of expensive for a bottle but the picture on Luckyscent looks like a big bottle. I think you need to douse yourself in it.

    the interesting juxtoposition is it is marketed as an organic scent. After researching Jatamansi, I found out it is a highly endangered species. So all organic and earth sensitive folks should probably avoid it. It highly harvested for Ayurvedic healing.
    "Nardostachys jatamansi (D. Don) DC., a critically
    endangered rhizome-bearing medicinal plant, is re-
    stricted to specialized habitats in high altitudes of
    the Himalaya, ranging from 3000 to 5000 m asl. The
    plant is collected from natural habitats for local con-
    sumption and trade.Over-exploitation of the rhizome (Figure 1 d, e)
    for medicinal use and consequent degradation of natural
    habitats are reported to be the major threats to this
    On account of narrow distribution range, small
    population size and high use value, it is considered a critically endangered plant

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