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    Question search machine for cologne?

    I'm wondering if there is some way to spot new or old interesting product based on my own 'buying history'. I'm guessing there might be some common thing for all colognes i ever had. I allways liked only products i bought myself. Gifts were almost allways not tollerable. Is there such thing like "buying history finder" ??

    Well this was first post so i like to greet anybody from the forum.
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    Default Re: search machine for cologne?

    Welcome to Basenotes, wodorost!

    There isn't an automated recommendation system based on your buying history -- not at Basenotes, anyway. But I recommend that you enter the fragrances you own into your own "wardrobe" page here at the site. (To do this, use the Directory to find the page for each fragrance, and from each of those pages, change the setting in the drop-down menu at the left to "I own this".) Once you have an online record of what you own and like, more experienced folks here the site can have a look and make recommendations, which is probably more useful than an automated system.
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    Create a wardrobe and look at the reviews of your favorite scents. Down at the bottom of the reviews is a section titled - Basenote Members who like 'cologne xyz' also like....

    It is very entertaining to follow that trial, reading some excellent reviews. You will get an idea of what appeals to others and what may appeal to you. And here is where I insert the Basenote caveat - When you find the ones that interest you, test test test!

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    Thanks for the tip. I've allready done some Warderobe input, but it is not easy to put over 20 years of my own cologne history out of my memory. I remember my first scent "drakkar noir" in 1986 (was sixteen then) and i remember some milestones in good and bad fragrances. I think the key is to write down really the products i liked and not relay on negative selection (i didn't liked fahrenheit then and i will surely will not like it now). What do you think. I mean is it more important which scents i did liked to choose a new one or which ones i didn't?


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