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    Default Ted Lapidus Pour Lui

    I found this yesterday here in Memphis. By Maurice Roucel I think. It is a very fresh smelling, ambery oriental. A light Rochas Man maybe. The sillage is great, but it has this non-cloying fresh feel to it that makes it almost an all-year scent. There is not alot of opinion on this one, but all positive as far as I can see. Only carries it online from my search. Anybody else sniffed this frag? It is probably more common in Europe.

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    This is most cloying fragrance I have ever experienced. I bought it maybe two years ago and found it totally unwearable, and gave it away. It made me sick for some reason. You are right, it has alot of similarities with Rochas Man.

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    Default Re: Ted Lapidus Pour Lui

    wow haven't heard Ted Lapidus in a very long time

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    Default Re: Ted Lapidus Pour Lui

    Did you say Maurice in 'Musc Ravageur' Maurice Roucel? He did TLpL?


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    yes Maurice Roucel of MR fame. I didn't find it cloying at all. That is why I like it actually. It is an ambery oriental, but fresh at the same time IMHO. Oh well, I guess it is not widely known or distributed. Attach a niche name on it and people would be wetting their pants to get it I bet. We are name droppers aren't we?

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    Default Re: Ted Lapidus Pour Lui

    searched Amazon
    15 Ted Lapidus Pour Lui listings

    got Christian LaCroix Tumulte today and I love the sillage along with the scent.
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