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    Default What's your favorite by Kenzo?

    I am looking to try something by Kenzo. I owned Kenzo Pour Homme back in the early 90's but I wasn't crazy about it. It smelled like Mosquito repellent most of the time.

    What's your favorite Kenzo?
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    Default Re: What's your favorite by Kenzo?

    For women, I like Flower and on me, I am yet to discover it, hehehehe...

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    Default Re: What's your favorite by Kenzo?

    I really like L'Eau par Kenzo. i wear it exceedingly rarely, like a couple times per summer, but it's a great rendition of a fairly pedestrian make-up (citrus over a lightweight vanilla). If I overspray it reminds me of windex though.

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    Talking Re: What's your favorite by Kenzo?

    All deppends what you like: freshness or sweetness.?
    I love Classic kenzo PH. I find it delicious, but I love odd fragrances anyway (check my wardrobe).
    I really like L'eau Par Kenzo too, it's aquatic zesty and stays forever.
    The L'eau par kenzo women its quite suitable for men too, as is quite zesty fruity with hints of watermelon,citrus and vanilla tea. very nice. Worth a try! loads of cumpliments with this one. Both ideal for summer.
    I quite enjoy Zenjo Jungle PH in winter, its oriental citrus, sweet and powerful but not offensive, I think still wearable for summer nights.sweet lime, with spices and woody-animal notes
    Im not sure about kenzoAir as have a reaallyy sttong anise note.
    For women i could pick up Kashaya and Flower. Both really oriental but in a really different way.
    Im really curious about the next one this autum for men!.
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    Default Re: What's your favorite by Kenzo?

    I like Kenzo PH, most hate the smell, but I actually like the smell

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