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    Default Gendarme Grabazzi?

    I am almost thinking of getting this, to get the sample of Sky that is mentioned on Gendarme's website. I have most of the Gendarme scents. How is this one? Is it similar to anything else, other than the similarity to the original Gendrame. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Gendarme Grabazzi?

    I am a big fan of this one - its the star of the Gendarme line as far as I am concerned. Imagine the flagship Gendarme notes complemented by mint, pepper, lavender and floral notes. Its a spicy fresh oriental and its fab. I have reviewed over 220 fragrances and tested over 350, and havent encountered anything like it.
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    Default Re: Gendarme Grabazzi?

    ever since I saw the name of this I thought it wasn't well thought out. Or was it?

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    Default Re: Gendarme Grabazzi?

    Grabazzi is by far the most interesting fragrance in the Gendarme range IMHO. Soapy, fresh and distinctive with some sillage and very good longevity. If I had to reduce my collection to only five scents, this one would be one of it.

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    Default Re: Gendarme Grabazzi?

    I never liked the original Gendarme, but all of the accolades Grabazzi has been getting, now I'm really wanting to try this soon.
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    Default Re: Gendarme Grabazzi?

    I agree with gerald....Brabazzi is the best from this line....and this is a very nice soapy scent.

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    Default Re: Gendarme Grabazzi?

    It has been a while since I tried this, but I recall a distinct, interesting cherry/berry cola note to it. I need to give this another try...
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    Default Re: Gendarme Grabazzi?

    to me it was like a classic, old fashioned barber scent on top of the signature gendarme soapy base

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    Default Re: Gendarme Grabazzi?

    Grab-azzi doesn't go over very well with some of the more prudish female coworkers at the office. Now I have to attend "office relations" classes.

    Just kidding

    I'd really like to try this one, even though I can't find it anywhere. Damn it, living in a small town!

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    Default Re: Gendarme Grabazzi?

    I did the same...because I do like the Grabazzi...
    However, the SKY....really not that impressed upon initial try....I will have to do again sometime this week....may just be not working for me...I have heard a Nordstrom SA claim that this was her fave coming out this spring/summer...but for me...just not that good IMO.

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