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    Default New fragrance for my mother

    Hi there girls.

    Being obssessed with perfumes as I am, I am keen to find a new fragrance for my mother.

    She is in her late 50's/early 60's, retired but very active with line dancing classes and a variety of friends. She has always been a "stay at home mother", rather than a professional doctor or business leader. In other words, no great expectations, just an ordinary person.

    Currently, she does like Opium (the ONLY "real" fragrance she owns) but I would like to try and get her hooked on something else.

    Any suggestions for a fairly casual, low-key all-round fragrance that won't break the bank balance, and has the backing of a fairly well known brand that she might recognise (such as Chanel or Christian Dior)?


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    Default Re: New fragrance for my mother

    I always suggest Miss Dior. I think it works for all ages, a true classic.

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    Default Re: New fragrance for my mother

    I agree that Miss Dior would work. My mum also loves Opium and she often wears Miss Dior, and Dioressence.

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    Default Re: New fragrance for my mother

    It's the "ordinary persons" that make the world go 'round! And yours raised a wonderful loving son!!

    From Chanel - try 22. From Dior, Diorello, J'Adore or Paris. How about Lauder? White Linen or Beyond Paradise.

    Let us know how you fare!!
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    Default Re: New fragrance for my mother

    Thanks guys! A good start. She probably won't want too many anyway (she's not addicted like me - yet!) but we'll see how we go.

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    Default Re: New fragrance for my mother

    Lovely thought you had to buy her a fragrant gift.
    She sounds a nice person having raised a good son.

    I suggest Cinnabar by Lauder (close to Opium and very nice, afforable, known brand).
    If you can get it Bois des Iles by Chanel is very good and I bet she'd like it.
    Fairly casual scent might be Cinema by YSL again or Dune by Dior (now discontinued but can be had still)
    Miss Dior is very good, a classic, although not bearing any relationship to Opium smell wise.

    Dioressence is but a pale shadow of its grand self due to reformulation so I can't bring myself to recommend it in its current state really....

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    Default Re: New fragrance for my mother

    Quiet Earth, it's a very sweet thought you have there, to introduce your mother to a new scent.
    But, hey, just because she was a "stay at home mother", please don't think she didn't/doesn't have "great expectations"! :-)

    Why not take her out for a lovely Sunday brunch...and then take her on a little fragrance sniffing/shopping adventure...and let her find something which tickles her fancy. She might surprise you and not head straight for a heavier Oriental...but to a nice, crisp green scent...or something very floral and heady.
    Ya nevah know.
    Plus, you'll get the chance to spend time with your remarkable mom...and have some fragrance fun with her, to boot.
    Have fun with this! *big grin*

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    Talking Re: New fragrance for my mother

    I love Opium too, the new summer 2007 Opium I got mine from I think Imagination Perfume. How about Tom Ford Youth Dew Amber Nude, I love Chanel Gardenia. I have worn Opium since it came out in 1977. Also Narciso Rodriguez is a real winner. Hope someone helps you and you buy something at a store you can return it at, Good luck.

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    Default Re: New fragrance for my mother

    i find most moms like Chinatown Bond i do not think you can go wrong here

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    Default Re: New fragrance for my mother

    Thanks ladies!

    I'm not at all suggesting that my mother has no great expectations. It's just that - like most families - my parents have their peculiar and sometimes annoying traits. Which in their case is, I think, a lack of positive inspiration and big dreams. They have always been "the grass is always greener somewhere else" / "why is the glass half empty?" kind of people.

    I'm just hoping that by exposing them to some different scents, they might learn to open up a little more and maybe contribute to a more positive outlook.

    Maybe she'll just say "Uh, thanks, but why did you get this?".

    But MY expectation is positive, at least! Ya never know!

    Here's hoping...


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